Dead Space Downloadable Content Details

Electronic Arts announced today that the critically acclaimed Dead Space will be releasing premium upgrade packs to provide the game hero, Isaac Clarke, an everyday systems engineer, with the ultimate Necromorph-dismembering equipment in his fight for survival aboard the space-travelling USG Ishimura. Players can experience the glory of strategic dismemberment November 13th on XboxLIVE! Marketplace worldwide and...

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Harry1903686d ago

them to release a patch that will allow me to change the difficulty level when I use my cleared game data. I want to play impossible mode with my maxed out weapons,I really do. The game will be perfect then.

joydestroy3686d ago

there's a glitch to doing it. you have to play through the game a second time. when you do that, instead of saving, just start a new game on impossible and you should have the military suit. i've read that your nodes don't transfer over though.

bunbun7773686d ago

u dirty 'lil whores.

Ugh whatever.

Myth3686d ago

I love this game but this DLC is crap.
You take away from the upgrading system and the level of challenge when you download content that makes your weapons stronger. I could care less about skins not worth paying money for. Should be an unlockable content not DLC.

KidMakeshift3686d ago

EA loves milking it

I wouldn't be as upset if the DLC was way cheaper. Each pack is almost $5. That's ridiculous