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Two years after the initial release of Resistance: Fall of Man. Insomniac Games brings us the second installment of Resistance. The game has been hyped as being bigger and better in every way. Now that the game is finally out, does it stand up to the hype machine or leave players aching for just a little bit more?
I will go out on a limb hear and say that hands down, Resistance 2's online beats any shooter on the market today, and yes Halo included.

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oriol0033660d ago

Halo is way better then resistance.

Pennywise3660d ago

I say NO. R2 is simply amazing and addicting. My healer will turn level 30 tonight and I am gonna start another class.

I love the skirmish matches. They are full of action and very enjoyable. This is another mode that will take countless hours from my life.

And on top of all of that, the single player campaign is great.

This game is made of win and I really cant understand low 8.5 reviews. And yes 8.5 is LOW for R2.

Darkseider3660d ago

Lvl 30 Medic!? Damn you been puttin some time in. Granted Medic is a XP sponge with heals and that damned Phoenix BUT still lvl 30 is impressive! Almost got my Spec. Ops. to lvl. 14 and all I am loving it. Invisibility + Proximity mines = carnage ooh and toss in the Fareye for some headshot love...

Pennywise3660d ago

Dark, I have like 1/8 a level left for 29. I am sure I will hit 30 by midnight.

I love this game. Not sure is spec op or solider is next for me. Think I will do solider!

Hit me up if you want a solid group to play with.

Gue13660d ago

halo is boring compared to all the action you get to experience on R2. the funny thing is that almost every reviewer says that R2 is better than halo but it is getting a lot of 8's anyway.

R2 it's an amazing game but it's sad that a lot of people are going to see all these 8's and they are not going to play it...

psnDevistator3563659d ago

Than I agree you a virgin fps. Halo in terms of fps level, its sucks other fps' balls. Play some pc games too without protection for full experience. Consoles play good too just not like pcs.

Games to look into

Half life 2
Team Fortress 2
Far Cry 2
Crysis Warhead
Resistance 2

theres more but really Halo doesn't compare.

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xBot Lemmings3660d ago

"I will go out on a limb hear and say that hands down, Resistance 2's online beats any shooter on the market today, and yes Halo included. "

So why they gave it 8.5 ?

omodis4203660d ago

Read the review. The campaign sucks. The story sucks and it feels like a "chore". Not everyone is sold on multiplayer alone.

thor3660d ago

Because it's not enough that it has the best multiplayer. It's a PS3 game, so any minor complaint about graphics/story/gameplay is elligable to take off marks for. If it's Halo 3 then you can easily forgive the campaign and the graphics because of the multiplayer. If it's COD4 you can easily forgive the relatively short single-player experience, lack of co-op, and small player count on consoles. But if it's Resistance 2 you gloss over the fact that it's effectively 1 1/2 games for the price of 1 (lots of content there), and the fact that the MP is fantastic, in order to complain about the campaign mode and drag down the score.

i am the truth3660d ago

The game is good and im still bying it when it comes out here in the uk.But to be honest im suprised it has gotten so many 8's(not that 8 is a bad score).........

CloudsEnd3660d ago

Halo 3 was just high rated because of its Multiplayer.
You cant tell me the Story Of Halo 3 was soooo extreme good.
It was horrible as hell.

DiabloRising3660d ago

Well said Thor, and a sad truth.

Panthers3660d ago

Omodis, the Single player is awesome. I love it. It has some cool battles and it does not feel like a chore. I know that is what the reviewer said, but he is an idiot.

SL1M DADDY3659d ago

I will say that I bought the game and love it. The SP is great and the online play is amazing. Secondly, anybody that takes offense of some twit site that posts up a silly review trying desperately to pick apart a great game when they themselves have given other games similar in nature higher scores simply needs to check the source. Reviews these days are trash and nobody should take them seriously.

The Matrix3659d ago

Yeah I give it at least a 9.

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Kleptic3660d ago

why is this review being grouped under Resistance: fall of man? shows the average of fall of man, not Resistance 2...

thor3660d ago

Because morons approved the story, obviously.

omodis4203660d ago

Sense when is 8 a bad score. 6.5 is bad. 7 is average. 8.5 is borderline great. Just because it's not getting 9's and 10's doesn't mean its not worthy. Multiplayer alone is not enough to make or break a game. Halo does not deserve the scores it got. Awesome multiplayer. Crappy campaign. If R2 had a decent campaign it would have gotten the 9's and 10's. Let's just hope when Halo Recon comes out, all the reviews are fair. If you read that it has a bad campaign and still gets a 10, then all the PS3 fanboys will be justified in their R2 complaints.

achira3660d ago

resistance 2 has an awesome campaign!

omodis4203660d ago

I guess you are content with the same thing over and over and over. What happened to all the vehicles. The campaign would have been cool if there was more to it.

ReTarDedFisHy3660d ago

8.5 is BS! >:D
I will keep my biased opinion now and forever.

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