WorthPlaying: Spider-man: Web of Shadows Review

WorthPlaying: "Spider-Man: Web of Shadows is one of the better Spider-Man games on the market, and considering that Spider-Man games in general are among the better superhero titles, that is saying something. While it isn't perfect and suffers from a fair bit of repetition, the extremely fun combat and excellent boss battles more than make up for that. The branching story line is something the game could have done without, but it also doesn't harm anything and provides at least a few amusing moments. This isn't a flawless game, but it is a lot of fun. Perhaps the only barrier to prevent it from being a purchase is that it is a bit short; most experienced gamers can finish it in a day or so, and the gameplay isn't varied enough to make it a worthwhile purchase just so you can play around outside of the main plot."

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