Videogamer Resistance 2 Review writes: "Insomniac is an incredibly talented development studio, responsible for one of the PS3's best games in the form of Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction, but developing the PS3's premier FPS is something else entirely. With the console war more heated than ever before certain games are held up as talismans - a reason to buy one console over another - and Sony simply hasn't had an FPS to compete with the might of Microsoft's Halo. It tried first with Killzone on the PS2 and failed, and now Resistance flies the flag for the PS3. Although the original game proved to be a stellar launch title, is the sequel the system seller FPS Sony needs?"

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Optimus_Prime3688d ago

1up dissed this poor game in their podcast. They called it mediocre, the single player is a fiasco and derivative.

I feel bad for the poor Imnsomniac guys.

DavidMacDougall3688d ago

I dont feel bad for them. They have made more amazing games than you and me ever will

Panthers3688d ago

I feel bad that you are willing to let one podcast stop you from playing a great game. I know I wouldnt let one stop me from playing any great games.

DiabloRising3688d ago

I feel bad for you. Not only do you give Prime a bad name, but you let someone else's opinion override your own. You do know reviews are opinions, right? You do realize people won't always agree, right? You do know people are giving it 9's and even 10's, right?

Man_of_the_year3688d ago

WAIT WAIT WAIT...since when is 8/10 bad? i wish i could have gotten an 80% in english class...

Stupid fanboys are now getting brainwashed that just becasue the game isn't averaging a 90 or 100 that it is now a FLOP...i hate you guys.

i am the truth3688d ago

To many mixed reviews.......

DiabloRising3688d ago

I have to agree with Man of the Year here too.

barom3688d ago

You are definitately a fanboy. Because regardless of how much they dissed the single player. There was just as much (if not more) praise for the multiplayer.

Also they even compared it to the Halo 3 in which Garnett Lee, the main "disser" said "they were equally disappointing" or something to that effect.

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faisdotal3688d ago

It's still the best FPS this year.

LevDog3688d ago

This game was BadAss.. Single player was super tough.. Story was better than the first.. Even though I wish they woulda mixed in the girl narrator from the first.. Gameplay was better.. Co op is one of the most addicting things ever..

TheMART3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )


8 out of 10. As PS3 fandroids then say about 360 games: FLOP FLOP FLOP

No its a good game. But not as good as Gears of War 2!

R1 lost from Gears 1
R2 loses from Gears 2

This Christmas will be all about the 360 and Gears of War 2
Oh and Left 4 Dead also

Oh and for the guy below:

Gears 2 - 9.3 out of 10
Resistance 2 - 8.8 out of 10

Pennywise3688d ago

You idiots started with the whole flop thing Mart. Its your kind that ruined this site.

Gears is generic too if you think R2is. Same old, same old.

JOLLY13688d ago

This website used to be about 50/50 Xbox vs ps3. Now most of the Xbox people have moved on. This site is still the easiest way for me to get my information and that is really one of the only reasons i am here. There are a lot of crazy fans on both sides of the fence, but when people try and degrade someone elses opinion it is more often ps3 fans. The whole flop thing was started by the ps folks, go back last year you will see.

cmrbe3688d ago

you know very well that is Bullcrap.

last year x360 trolls loved to point out that non of the PS3 exclusives scored 90 or above on metacritic therefore they were flops. Don't point the finger to PS fans.

heyheyhey3688d ago


you know perfectly well it was 360 fans who started the whole "FLOP!!!" crap, it was 360 fanboys who started the spoiler crap and it was 360 fanboys who started the metacritic warzone BS

JOLLY13688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

Here and Flop.....nope. Spoilers.....Nope. Sorry that is very much ps3 fans.

3688d ago
na2ru13687d ago

Quit throwing the b*tch shield. Remember heavanly sword not recieving 10s? Remember Uncharted not receiving 10s? Remember xbots agressive chanting flop flop flop? Remember xbots yelling, NO GAMESSSS!

Man_of_the_year3687d ago

You obviously couldn't understand what my comment was - maybe i used words that were too big for you too understand.

And since you like to ruin games for others by posting the spoilers on these forums (gears 2) your comments have no merit. You are the type of low lives that needs to be banned from this site - but since the site is moderated by trash - your account will probably remain...

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