Xbox360 price-drop - Microsoft Australia Goes For The Jugular

OXCGN writes:

"As the battle for the gamers hard earned cash rages between the industry giants, it seems that Microsoft has gone for the jugular, hoping to secure a decisive victory in hardware sales across the holiday season. It's just done superb sales with Gears Of War 2 across Australia, now this.

According to a solid retail source, Microsoft are gearing up to announce a massive price drop across all Xbox360 SKU's here in Australia, this reduction will come into effect tomorrow - 11th November 2008."

*Full Pricing details after the Jump*

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gaminoz3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

Oh no! I just sold my Halo 360 and got a 120gig HDD and Arcade console! 1 week too early! Figures.

Acj23233626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

Another price drop! well at least this time round they are making me (a xbox 360 owner) want to buy one of these,lol the users of a 2nd xbox, endless...

Immortal Kaim3626d ago

It is actually tempting to sell my old 20gb pro for the 60gb model (HDMI would be great).

According to these prices Its a pretty significant price-drop. Cant believe the Wii is still that expensive....

Acj23233626d ago

its how M$ stay in the lead in this race, they are good prices and very tempting to go out and buy a 60-120 gig one especially with NXE allowing us to dump games on to our HDD

gaminoz3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

I can't believe the Wii still sells at that price. Mine is a dust gatherer except when non-gamers come over and try it or my wife and kids feel like booting it up.

XboxOZ3603626d ago

WHooppee . . .Just when I can NOT afford a new console Elite please, they drop the price and I still can't afford one - bugger. But it sure as hell will soften many "fence sitters" into popping off their perch and giving the 360 a try, especially with all the great games coming out right now.

They'd be made not to. Makes it about the best buy around. And with the 360 outselling the PS3 in Japan of all places a week ago, this could help bolster locals into buying seeing it improving in such a tight region as Japan.

Acj23233626d ago

M$ is seeing a lot of non gamers shifting to their consoles, iv seen a massive increase just at school where you used to be called a nerd for playing the 360 but now its as normal as most gaming consoles go, a good step for M$

Firstkn1ghT3626d ago

The beauty of these price cuts is that Microsoft is at least breaking even on every console sold. Unlike Sony that is losing a bundle on the ps3.

Fishy Fingers3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

Got a link for that?

Oh and the beauty of a price cut is WE pay less, not cooperations make more.

Mr_Bun3626d ago

What is in those machines that M$ can afford to keep dropping the price?

M$ was losing on everyone of it's consoles before any price drop...what makes you think they are breaking even now?

XboxOZ3603626d ago

We "can't supply the link as the "source" could lose their job, and no matter WHAT anyone says, we will NOT break an agreement with a source, no matter if it makes us seem like liars etc. which we are not.

All I can say is this person KNOWS the insides of the stores and is a major insider within the retailer, and has NEVER given a bum-steer in the past. Hence not wanting to disclose his name or source . . I trust you understand that much. Beside, within 12 hours, you'll have verification one way or the other eh.

I'd rather hang onto "my word" rather than drop a url in the net just to please some ppl who don't really care one way or the other (no offense meant mate). Sorry.

slayer83626d ago

MS are still making money on each and every console even with the price cuts. Good move by Ms, might buy another one.....

XboxOZ3603626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

Unless you have verification to say otherwise, I'd have to disagree with you there. MS have been breaking even on "production" for some time, retail is anothe rmatter. The two are separate entities. Do some googling and you'll find your answer soon enough.

The reason MS are able to reduce the price is that like all companies, yhe begin the scaling down process as soon as the first sets roll off the production line.

2 months before its release, the design team was split in half, one half went with J Allard and worked on the ill faited Zune, which they still think they can resurrect - which they can't. and the other half went straight int design work on the x720 and minmizing the current production factors.

They have a new motherboard going in right about now called the Jasper followed by Opus, which will then be followed by the last one in the series which will actually go into the next xbox, the x720. Its name is the Valhalla . . again, use google. It is a Unified CPU/GPU and significantly smaller nano sized.

Thank Mt Bun, I didn't want to say what our source was, so I'm glad you found verifying support as well, cheers for that, I'll add it to the site. Oh, I see, the price . . costing factor . . but thanks anyhow, most appreciated. Popped a link and a thanks you up on the site and in the article cheers.

Why o why3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

chose integrity vs points in a pissin contest = bubbles for YOU. (hate snitches) .

Mr bun, 'top man' for looking finding and showing even though the results disagreed with what you first thought. bubbles also

Captain Tuttle3626d ago

That article is from 2006 btw.

Mr_Bun3626d ago

Yeah, I was looking for a link that showed where M$ stood early on...I had no idea they were making a profit that early.

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