IncGamers: Nippon Line 10/11

IncGamers' Tokyo Correspondent is back with more details on the Japanese gaming industry in the run up to Christmas.

Kawaguchi discusses the PS3s failings, new 360 titles and how Wii Music is a little bit of a failure.

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Maticus3684d ago

So it's big on failures this week then? ;)

Leord3684d ago

Didn't you know? Japanese people hate gaming ;)

Wuushu3684d ago

LOL :D It's the only thing they know how to do

AndyA3684d ago

Nintendo really did itself no favours by showing off a half-baked version of Wii Music @ E3.

Dorjan3684d ago

Well, the PS3 does need some good titles, it's just not worth the cash atm.