Interview With PlayStation India Boss interviews Atindriya Bose, Country Manager of Sony Computer Entertainment India.

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sinncross3625d ago

im going to see if I can apply for the job as Manager of SCE South Africa!

Wish me luck ppl :)

Good interview btw, good to know India will be getting their PSN store in the near future, and Playstation being the top brand for gamers in India mimicks South Africa.

Capt CHAOS3625d ago

What's with the Europe gets this NY gets this, this isn't released in this country, No PSN in India yet. Is xbox live available in Gana? etc.

It's the internet isn't it.. It should be everwhere and anywhere at the same time.. If I want to see get some downloads in Japanese, I should be allowed to, I think you can change you region in the xbox 360, but it should be a welcome option not a 'half burried ability'...

fezthabest3625d ago

They release PSN to India late because, there's tons of languages in India, different rating systems(esp due to different religious beliefs), servers, etc. Yes it should take less time but thats the reason. Thats the same reason some things take longer to come to Europe, again due to tons of different languages.