November's PS3 Game Schedule

What can a gamer get with just one look at November's release schedule? One word defines it all: crazy. Not only is it crazy to have so many quality titles released on the PlayStation 3, but the fact that they are separated by only a few weeks that is even more astonishing.

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jwatt3686d ago

I was thinking Home and Killzone beta this month.

VampHuntD3686d ago

I'm actually hoping for games to suck so I don't end up buying them all. If they were spread out it wouldn't be so bad, this month is like a gaming Atom Bomb getting dropped on gamers everywhere.

Beast_Master3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

and I am addicted to my PS3. Last weekend I spent 18 hrs playing Resistance 2 co-op. I thought I had my fill, but today is Monday and I can't stop thinking about blowing the crap out of some more Chimera!! I want to just quit my job and kill Chimera all day but I can't. Sony I lovehate you soooo damn much! I wish I could quit you.

Thanks for listening,

Beast Master ;)

(Starts crying)