PS3Center.Net Evolving Hand-In-Hand With The PS3 has just released its new design ... A PlayStation 3 user's dream site.

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Kenshin_BATT0USAI3567d ago

Never heard of it. I guess Ill check it out.

toxic273567d ago

went to the forums and my anti virus thing popped up saying threat detected.. hmmm

ps3center3567d ago

We have heard about this from someone else. Which browser are you using? It might've been an AD at that specific moment but we are looking into it.

ps3center3567d ago

Thank you we'll look into it! Firefox and Chrome users seem to be unaffected! ... Though I'm using a iMac with Mac OSX :P

toxic273567d ago

well that's the thing, i hate firefox and apple

Kleptic3567d ago

no problem with chrome on my end...yeah cool site though, I like how the whole interface is designed like the XMB...

cyax3566d ago

Avira is blocking the site, states it detected HTML/Infected.WebPage.Gen malware. Is the site using IFrames or scripts for the ads?

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ps3center3567d ago

love the style of commenting haha .. glad you guys enjoy the design :)

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