NY Times Fallout 3 Review

The New York Times writes: "At this profound moment in our nation's history, I've spent almost 50 hours recently picking through the rubble of one of its potential futures."
"Call it a subconscious yet stubborn refusal to acknowledge the obvious, but it took until the day after the elections for me to make the connection between the two journeys that have captivated me in recent weeks: the road to the White House and my 23rd-century adventures in the post-apocalyptic ruins of Washington, D.C., in Fallout 3."

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littletad3626d ago

I really hate these reviews from the mainstream magazines, their reviewers usually have never picked up the instruction manual. If he's complaining about the "challenge" portion of the game because your character gets incredibly beefed up, then all you have to do is hit start and select a different difficulty. I doubt this fellow could survive deathclaw sanctuary on the hardest difficulty setting with a maxed out character.

tplarkin73626d ago

He begins a review of a video game with "At this profound moment in our nation's history". I wonder who he voted for?

Merritt3626d ago


It is, I didn't vote for Barry but it is pretty profound. There are also tons of other things going on....economy, the war, the inevitable new cold war with Russia, thew Nuclear issues with Iran, the backing of Israel in such a hostile goes on and on...So yes, the game kind of foreshadows the issues that most likely could end up to the decimation of DC. In my mind the reviewer was thinking that this isn't probably to far off from Sci-Fi.

I do agree however, all he had to do was up the difficulty, I've had to already, and it's an amazing game!

baum3626d ago

NYTimes is worthless for game reviews.

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