Why Nintendo is Doing All of Those Things That You Hate.

Iran White writes:

The Wii is the middle road console. It is as far beyond the "Last gen" consoles as the PS3 and Xbox 360 are beyond it. Where Microsoft went all out to try and capture a large share of the hardcore audience early, and Sony went all out to future proof their console (both successfully mind you), Nintendo saw the largest portion of the market's present, it's relative immediate future (these past two, and perhaps two more years) and seized the day.

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big shadow3661d ago

They never listen to their fans.

SaiyanFury3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

Little doubt that Nintendo caters to it's fans and casuals. But appealing to the core gamers outside the Nintendo stables? They don't do that. I left the Nintendo camp on the original PS. I got myself an N64 and a GameCube, but I don't own any Nintendo staples on them. Mostly the games that appealed to me. PilotWings 64 was f*cking awesome. That was a game on both the SNES and N64 that I loved. I'd love to become a Nintendo lover again, but if they continue on the casual course, there's little for me to love. Again, this website isn't unbiased. I prefer unbiased journalism, and as such, this one doesn't deliver.

chaosatom3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

There was Resisdent Evil 4 for the gamecube back in the day.

But Now, Wii is far from competing against ps3 and 360.

I know that they did are selling really well, but still they could have made a 'hardcore' console like the ps3 and 360.

And possibly made two sku, although it would confuse people, i like that.

Nitrowolf23661d ago

i will agree.
i want to get a Wii but then i look and say "what games will i get for it?" It has plenty just none of them interest me

chaosatom3661d ago

and everything else is in the Download games sections.

Smacktard3661d ago

Wow, your reasoning for a game not being worthwhile is because it's "too old"? When it came out THIS GEN?


Xander-RKoS3661d ago

That's the reason why I ended up not getting a PS3...not a single game interested me (okay, a few have, but not enough to warrant the price tag)...just trying to show things from a different perspective.

PistolPumptMonk3661d ago

If you can't find any games on PS3 that interest you, you must not like games.

Captain_Sony3660d ago

That could also be said for someone who cant find anything on Wii to play too. It is amusing though that the people that cry the most about Nintendo and their games are also big Sony fans.

PistolPumptMonk3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Well Captain Sony, as you can clearly see from my comment, no where did I mention that the same COULDN'T be said for Nintendo games, indeed it can. If you can't find anything on any of the three major systems that interests you, it is likely you don't like games very much.

I would also like to say that I was a HUGE fan of Nintendo before the Wii, much more than I was of Sony, and I am somewhat dissatisfied with their offerings to the "traditional" gamer this go round.

Now please explain to me what was wrong with my previous statement?

Oh and by the way, don't assume, it makes an a** out of u and me.

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Max Power3661d ago

this generation there are way to many flaws to keep it going to be the best selling console of all time, unless they figure something out.

Smacktard3661d ago

There's too many flaws for all consoles this gen. RRoD, paying for online play, no good exclusives, too expensive to develop for, bad use of controls, imperfect motion sensing... No console this gen is as good as the Snes vs Genesis or N64 vs Playstation eras.

TheDesperado3661d ago

Reason #2: Money
Reason #3: Money

Money that Nintentrash fans aren't getting and shouldn't be hooping and hollering about. Seriously, you have no games to enjoy so you take comfort in sales. Sales don't matter ONE BIT if you don't have the games to back it up.

Wii fans can continue to pretend that they are satisfied with the unbelievable TERRIBLE lineup

Gun_Senshi3661d ago

I was a Nintendo fan but I now HATE them.

They showed me the middle finger and stuck it up my arse too many times this gen. Nice E3! I am looking Fowards to play The Sim..err Animal Crossing This xmas!! NOT!

I hope Nintendo comes LAST this gen and i refuse to buy a new Nintendo Console. Wii is worth $50 only and my Gamecube is enough for me since it has Twilight Princess.

TruthbeTold3661d ago

Because so many people have fallen off over the years it is all the more reason why those who've stuck it out through thick and thin are the backbone of Nintendo.

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