MotorStorm 2 humors Japanese gamers with strange new trailer

Something is just off about this new MotorStorm Pacific Rift trailer from Japan. It could be the language barrier, sure, but actions speak louder than words and what we're seeing here has us palm-in-face. What exactly does any of this have to do with racing vehicles on off-road turf? Something tells us they do not quite understand what the game's all about. Or, we're just not getting them.

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El_Colombiano3685d ago

I agree, reading your worthless comment was a waste of time.

PoSTedUP3685d ago

whatever it takes to grab their attention!! XD

BobDog3685d ago

if they are going for comedy 11/10

dj_funky3685d ago

gotta love them crazy asians.

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The story is too old to be commented.