Feature: Dreamcast Retrospective

November 27 is an unforgettable date for Sega - the ten year anniversary of the Dreamcast in Japan. It wasn't the most successful console in Sega's history, but it was easily the most revered and missed. A console years ahead of its time, its ambition mirrored Sega's outlook on the industry - to push hardware innovations and unforgettable software. Despite its advances and successes, it was a financial black hole criminally unappreciated by the masses, and after three short years the hardware giant gracefully bowed out of the console race for good.

Remembered for its unique collection of games, peripherals and a spirit few consoles possess, the Dreamcast lives on through indie releases and game ports to other systems. If you never sampled its dreamy white love handles, here is a taste of one of brightest consoles in gaming history.

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