Thunderbolt Games Wii Music Review

Patrick Coakley writes:

So it's finally here. The game that Nintendo of America has pushed mercilessly for the latter half of 2008, stating that they "still had games coming out" in an attempt to assure the hardcore Nintendo fans that they weren't going to be left high and dry after most of the "big" releases had already come out. Now, some people could say that Wii Music had one of the worst debuts in E3 history, and the awful promoting and marketing on Nintendo's half certainly hasn't helped the situation for trying to interest gamers. So what exactly is Wii Music, anyways? Is it a game? A music sim? Only Miyamoto truly knows what the thought process behind this title was.

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Cajun Chicken3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

As soon as you try to make a cover of a popular song in your living room whilst gurning like in Nintendo adverts, Miyamoto will kick down your door and 'moderate' you.
Then realise he never put any way to actually UPLOAD any UGC and just walk out confused and sits in his armchair made of glued together currency with his Nintendo bling again.