Five Mirror's Edge tracks free for download

EA Games offers five free tracks from the Mirror's Edge soundtrack for download.

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Omega43658d ago

Its a shame that its only the remixes i wanted the original :(

DeforMAKulizer3658d ago

PM me your email and ill send you the Original =D
My bro found it online...

TheUsedVersion3658d ago

You can easily donwload the whole 6 track album if you just search for it.

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tplarkin73657d ago

Remixes are like JRPGs. They haven't changed in 15 years. I swear that they still use the same samples.

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Herbert tholdpervert3658d ago

I think this is the first time EA offers anything for free!

3658d ago
Delta_FX3658d ago

EA offering something for free? Something's not right here...

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3658d ago

Lemme do an EA joke too! ok ready...

Why did EA cross the road...

To get to the sacks of cash on the other side! HAHAHA!


BigPete79783658d ago

To be honest I have been highly impressed with EA as of late. They seem to have finally stepped their game up with their release of recent titles. I know it is the norm to hate EA for them being the way they have been over the past couple years, so I might be bombarded with disagrees for this comment.

IdleLeeSiuLung3658d ago

So EA gives away 5 free tracks and everybody forgets about the sh!tty Orange Box PS3 port and the Spore DRM debacle....

Pixel_Addict3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

I don't think they have much of a choice but to rethink their strategy of buying out the competition just to release sequels (ie Mercenaries). Don't think of these free track give away as a humanitarian move, but a 'hope they buy this now' move. Anyway, free stuff = everyone wins.

BigPete79783658d ago

I wasn't referring to the tracks alone, but in a whole change of recent decisions/releases by them. They released free Dead Space content (suits, comics), the game Dead Space itself, Madden was a huge improvement over past years, NCAA as well, Mirror's Edge looks to be amazing and will be a Day 1 purchase for me.

This is just some of the decisions. They have been stepping their game up finally and realize that they were losing us as gamers. I could care less about the Spore DRM debacle seeing as how I am by no means interested in that title, but hopefully they do fix it in the near future. I can definitely see how that is making people very mad.

As for Orange Box why would you play it on PS3 anyways? I would much rather experience it where it was supposed to be experienced, the PC.

DNAgent3658d ago

I'll be sure to get the superior PS3 version with exclusive DLC.

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