PS3Fanboy: Third European LittleBigPlanet TV Spot revealed

Sony promised it was saving the best til last and it seems that they have. The narrator of this LittleBigPlanet seems to be channeling Donny from You Suck At Photoshop, but that only adds to the humor. We've enjoyed this advertising campaign. Hopefully it'll get quite a few people to stop and think "huh, that looks interesting." The game deserves massive sales throughout the Christmas season.

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sutton323486d ago

HAHAHAHA thats hilarious !

demoneyeslaharl3486d ago


Sony needs to do stuff like this again. Anyone remember Crash Bandicot? XD Sony needs to get angry... angry at every other system. They d*cked around Nintendo coz Nins basically screwed them over.

Now... Sony... focus on MS. And Nin. You can do it. xD

doctorstrange3486d ago

but i havent seen it anywhere

whoelse3486d ago

LBP needs YouTube support!!

Baba19063486d ago

so cool. hihihi made me laugh.