Warzone #23 - Resistance 2 Is The Best FPS This Year

On Warzone 23 we talked about how awesome Resistance 2 is and how it completely destroys it's predecessor. Torrence tells us how he thinks every PS3 owner should consider buying a copy of Resistance 2. Also on this show:

- We talk about Gears 2, Resistance 2 and Japanese Little Big Planet levels
- Do graphics play a part in gameplay?
- Top Ten Things You Wanted To Know About Game Journalism
- Splinter Cell Conviction to go multiplatform rumor
- How 1Up stole an interview from and even used their questions!
- Pre-show ramblings included and much much more!

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LightningPS3PS33660d ago

I think Resistance 2 is best first person shooter since the original Halo. Just too bad it didn't have co op in the storymode.

Cajun Chicken3660d ago


I surely hope that can somehow be patched in. Graphic Degrades, slight slowdown or whatever, I NEED to be playing splitscreen with my friend on Campaign. Thats what Resistance1 became to me.

Well, once I find a way to get my hands on the game. How many days left until UK launch?

mikeslemonade3660d ago

I'm very suprised that Torrence Davis likes this game. It isn't all that different compared to the 1st game except that the content in this game has way more replayability.

jaysquared3660d ago

Sure is a lot of shooters on the PS3..

uxo223660d ago

Can anyone tell me if Resistance 2 works on a TV that doesn't support 720p. Will it work at 1080i?

Thanks in advance.

THC CELL3660d ago

100 hours of coop is awesome mate
Team work not 1 man armys
so what is your b!tching about this is the best Fps This year
what topples
some people are blind and need to wake up

Also next Year Killzone takes the crown its always a win win for sony

El_Colombiano3660d ago


Yes it does scale the game to 1080i. Although I am not a fan of interlaced pictures and neither am I a fan of up scaling.

uxo223660d ago

Good then I'll go ahead and cop R2 tonight, I didn't want to do what I did when I bought R1 and found out that it wouldn't run at 1080i. I'm not willing to buy a new TV just so I can play a game. But since this is not the case this time. I gotta get it.

Ju3660d ago

It also scales to 1080p, just FYI. (Not that I can see any difference between 1080i and p on my TFT, but I haven't tried 1080i, TBH).

ThanatosDMC3660d ago

Even on Normal mode on your first run you'll die a lot because of the sheer number of the enemies shooting at you. Not to mention their smart MFers. If they hear you reload, they'll rush you.

Resistance 2, besides graphics, gameplay, weapons, multiplayer, single player, story... all of which are just great! But they really need to start mentioning how AI works against Hale and how they support him.

THC CELL3660d ago

sorry guys i was ment to say topples some of todays fps
dont not topples R2. my bad typo

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DavidMacDougall3660d ago

Until Killzone 2 that statement is very true. Maybe not the best looking but the scale is amazing

PotNoodle3660d ago

Next year is classed as this year? :\

ape0073660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

resistance 2 is the most underrated game I've ever seen

the game is totally mindblowing



totally unbelievable game

Homicide3660d ago

Resistance 2 is amazing. It has a lot of content to keep you playing the game for a long time. The single player mode is very great. This is coming from someone who hated the first one. Well done Insomniac.

agentace3660d ago

why does anyone and everyone who has anything good about resistance 2 in there comment have a load of dissagrees, look through this whole post and any1 with anything good will have atleast 2 dissagrees.

dantesparda3660d ago

I didnt really like the first one either, but this one was pretty fvcking good

Ju3660d ago

What's up with all this "not best looking"? WTF. Go play Resistance2 and then play something else after. Maybe that changes your mind. It looks fantastic. Look how many (!) things they put into one scene. And I mean not repeating textures, but just different things. It has the most diverse environment I've ever seen. And I don't mean throughout the whole game, just per level.

ThanatosDMC3660d ago

In the singleplayer, sometimes seeing cocoons makes me wish i had more ammo... seeing them burst with Grims, makes me wish i had more allies so i dont run out off ammo and have time to reload without getting overrun.

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