WorthPlaying: Call of Duty: World at War Preview

WorthPlaying writes: "One of the biggest reasons for Call of Duty 4's success was its multiplayer component, which to this day is a juggernaut that rivals the player base of any other 360 game. When Treyarch took the helm for the development of Call of Duty: World at War, there were some fears that they would botch that carefully made formula, and of course, there were complaints about the return to a World War II setting. Based on our experience with the multiplayer beta, however, it is pretty clear that Call of Duty: World at War is shaping up quite nicely, taking the fluid multiplayer gameplay found in the prior franchise offering and applying it to the Big One.

The multiplayer beta for World at War consists of three maps, with two set in the Pacific Theatre while the third and final map takes place in a bombed-out Eastern European train depot. Each of the maps is filled with cover, concealment and alternate routes to a much larger extent than in the previous game. Each of the three maps is laid out in such a way that no one weapon is completely dominant, and there are areas perfectly suitable for a variety of weapon types. Sniping across half of the map in the train depot may net you some kills, but you'll be sniping from areas that are best suited for infantry armed with shotguns or SMGs."

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