Gears of War 2 First Impressions: Keeps Great Gameplay and the Crude Story of the Original (Second Story Gamer)

The original Gears of War was absolutely great in my book. Sure the story wasn't very classy, but the gritty graphics and addictive gameplay really made that game in my opinion. And good news for Gears fans: Gears of War 2 keeps the great things about the original Gears.

Unfortunately, the sequel also keeps the crude story of the original, at least from what I've played. At the beginning of the game, you find out that the lightmass bomb didn't work. That's right, that damn thing you spent hours laboring to send into the heart of the locusts didn't do anything to them. In fact, they are stronger than ever and are pressing on humanities doorstep. The whole premise of humanity uniting to make a last stand is interesting, but the individual characters, particularly Marcus Fenix, are too crude for the game to send a message. Dom's love interest, Maria, could be interesting later in the game, but right now, it's uninteresting.

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3628d ago
Cajun Chicken3628d ago

So, in other words; if I didn't really like the first, its probably not worth me playing the 2nd.

Although I have a *slight^ interest in 'Horde'.

darkgunner3627d ago

If you didn't like the first one, you're probably not going to like this one.

I actually liked the story in Gears 2 though, even if it left more questions than answers.

IaMs123627d ago

im still working on Gears 2 i think im halfway there, not to give any spoilers but i just did the reaver chase. Anywho, its very fun, i think its better then the first in a lot of places but i like how they made the first one more darker and grittier. story is a lot better but it still not the best, you can tell they tried and the game is much longer i think :)

Blu Ray33628d ago

But Gears 2 is off the hook cool!
It's hard to deny this level of greatness!

Now gimme Killzone 2,and this gamer will be completely satisfied by this gen!

Halochampian3627d ago

The story was great. 10x better than the first one.

jackdoe3627d ago

I am pumped for this game. Bought a 360 off of ebay (new for $120!) to play this.