NextGN: Golden Axe: Beast Rider Review

We all remember the days we played those classic video games. With no doubt - there is one game that's very special to everyone: Golden Axe. Golden Axe was one of the most popular games back then. This year, SEGA decided to make a risky move. A brand new game was created, set to recreate the fun and popularity of the old game. That move was a bit too risky.

The new Golden Axe: Beast Rider puts the player in Tyris Flare's boots - a female beast rider. The player will join Tyris on a journey to avenge the slaughter of her people and kill the Death Adder. When I first started playing the game I was really excited about playing Golden Axe once again. That excitement quickly turned into disappointment.

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Itrguy0013658d ago

i guess thats why its already $43.00 over at my locale target store.