Call of Duty: World At War First 5 Minutes Video Footage

GP Writes: "As we are only 3 days away before the release of Call Of Duty: World War, we are excited to bring you the first 5 minutes of video footage from the game! As we play through it this weekend, we will have the review for sure by Monday! Stay tuned!"

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ape0073662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

after playing the beta,I can easily say am very excited

it maybe not cod 4 but it's a very good game

I can now say farewell to cod3's messy gameplay and awkwardness

it truly feels like cod 4 and has a new dark,gory and scary feeling

this cod game might be the last smell of WW2 and it looks to be the greatest WW2 game and creepiest yet

am sure the campaign won't be epic and the soundtrack won't be like cod 4,cod 4 has that IW's magic,you can see that in quality
,intesity and its perfect pacing

tryearch nails it,I may dive in but damn it,my wallet will be empty

now I respect treyarch and this will hold me until cod 6

too many games,so little cash :(

chaosatom3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

I haven't seen a signal review for this game.

What's up with that.

CAN THIS game be the underdog again?


Im level 40 in the beta anyone know if i will keep the levels when the full game launch?

funkysolo3661d ago

At first I wasn't really interested, but after I played the beta, I was really impressed and preorder it. I think people biggest gripe is that it's ww2, But WAW has so much stuff that COD4 didn't.There is like 3 times the guns and more perks. The graphics look the same but I haven't played the PS3 version yet hopefully they can maximize the PS3 version with an install. I'm getting the PS3 version because I get all my multiplatform games on PS3..This is definitely the best multiplayer game this year. I played gears2 and R2. WAW is pretty addictive

Bodhi3661d ago

Now after playing the beta on the 360, I can say this game will be a great game, there's just some oddities I've seen. There's also a lot of things I like about this game.

+ Vastly bigger maps
+ Gore
+ Diversity between all guns
+ More grenade options
+ Vehicles

- Awkward animations (Motion sickness inducing bolt rifle reloading)
- Too much like CoD4
- Unfitting gun sounds
- All guns have no recoil, massive damage

Great game, just some oddities. I can overlook these odditites though, I'll give his game a rental, it's too much like CoD4 to buy again for $60.

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rbluetank3662d ago

i will be renting this game only.. they came to late. my money is already spend... lol

Wallonsi3662d ago

How is the online? Do you still got that annoying host ended the game? If not then im sold.

Apocwhen3661d ago

I believe the crappy 'Host Ended Game' still exists. I read a Q&A with one of the dev's from Treyarch and they said COD3 had Host Migration because it used a p2p match-making system, but COD:WaW uses the same Client/Server match-making system as COD4 so there will be no host migration. It's pretty lame, you would think it's something they sort out. I hope they will at least let use Mute in the Lobby!

Apocwhen3661d ago

lol @ disagree, I guess someone enjoys the host ended game and ringing noise down the mics in the lobby.

Harry1903662d ago

I would never do that..

Anyway, this looks impressive, but after playing Killzone 2, you will understand that this is pretty much obsolete. Killzone 2 absolutely destroys Resistance 2 too, except for the Coop which is brilliant.

3661d ago
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