Call of duty: World at War Prestige Badges

The prestige badges for call of duty: World At War: Ive being posted on a News Forum. Go check them out!

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I would say these look better than those of COD 4.

tocrazed4you3692d ago

If you guys think about it WW2 theme for shooters this year there hasn't been any good games for it yet. IF you consider Brothers in arms HH, than yeah but thats it... This will be kinda refreshing after all the alien versus human FPS or TPS. Infinity ward eff up not releasing patches for trophies, co-op (WHICH THEY SAID WILL BE IN THE GAME), and releasing cod4 with stupid servers games that took 30 minutes to get into. Great game still but they eff up and I hope COD WAW and Treyarch learned from Infinity Ward's dumb decisions. Infinity ward doesn't give a beap about its customers and that is a fact.

Pablos1020303692d ago

I agree almost completely. IMO, CoD4 is arguably the best game I have ever played. HOWEVER, to say it was perfect is a lie. Crappy server problems, no co-op, etc.
And dude, to be honest, do you really think companies ever care about the customers? No, they care about the customers money. By making a game better, they assure that consumers will come back for more and tell their friends about the game. Reputation=Money. Just look at Nintendo today!

ZombieNinjaPanda3692d ago

I agree, it will be refreshing to have an excellent world war II themed shooter, or at least, anything other than futuristic is good right now.

But I must say, yes, Infinity Ward did eff up. Not just with the reasons what you said, but their poor online system. And poor balance of almost everything.

Other than that, the game was great.

And after hearing about all the things that Cod4 should have had, that will be in here, I'm sure World At War will be an amazing game.

ugabugaz3692d ago

Some companies Do care about their customers. A prime example is Criterion Games.

CrippleH3692d ago

Activision doesn't give a dam about it's customers more like it.

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i am the truth3692d ago

i hope they dont make u trade all ur guns in again like cod4.

Pablos1020303692d ago

That's pretty much the point of Prestige. It's supposed to be a "sacrifice".

DirtyLary3691d ago

You lose the flamethrower if you prestige.

Proxy3692d ago

Gotta give up all your virtual guns or just plain go without that small and ultimately insignificant icon next to your name.

iMarcus3692d ago

Hey! you get more custom classes too this time around if you prestige!

i never prestiged on cod4(didnt wanna give up golden guns) but i can see myself doing it on here

poopface13691d ago

I always use the m4 so I wouldn't take long to get it back, and the first gun you start with is pretty similar/deadly.

iggypop1233692d ago

yeah by losing guns you get an extra custom class. some incentive to do prestige other than some logo.

Are_The_MaDNess3691d ago

love nr 8 but im not going on prestige tho
takes 2 much time lol

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