DEN: Shaun White Road Trip - Q&A

DEN writes: "Questions and answers regarding the story in Shawn White Snowboarding Road Trip answered by Mario Galardo, Script Writer.

Q: Can you give us a summary of the game's storyline?

A: You and your friends travel the world trying to hook up with Shaun who's plans to go on a snowboarding road trip with you were foiled by last minute obligations. You follow Shaun's path from Canada to Chile and eventually in the Alps, Japan and the U.S. trying to meet up with him, which you eventually do. Along the way you meet knew friends who have in their own way something to bring to the road trip. As a rider, each friend contributes in his own way to your growth as a snowboarder. In the end you realise snowboarding is more than just riding down the mountain. It is about friendship and sharing the life of a snowboarder with others."

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