Gamers Hell: Far Cry 2 Review

Gamers Hell writes: "What is it that makes something a sequel: a resolution to a cliffhanger; a continual, expanding story; a new adventure for a favorite hero; or just a title with a number slapped on the end of it? Well, we've seen all of the above with games really, so the subject is kind of moot. Nonetheless, Ubisoft Montreal's Far Cry 2 seems less like a sequel than just an excuse to use the Crytek namesake. All of the science-fiction, story, and, not to mention, characters of the first Far Cry game, and its re-releases, have been dropped in favor of a more conflict-ridden reality.

With its contemporary setting, Far Cry 2 tries some new things with the first-person shooter. While technically sound, and with some intriguing mechanics, the game does well in differentiating itself from others in the genre-it just gets kind of stale after awhile."

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