Resistance 2: Thank You For Not Using a 5GB Install

Loot Ninja writes:

"Game installs on the PS3 have become a huge problem. We've seen hard drives fill to capacity already and there looks to be no end in sight. I was pleasantly surprised when Resistance 2 nixed that huge 5GB install that most games these days require."

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dktxx23687d ago

I think this shows that the only reason installs are so big is because its a quicker way of getting a game to run better than optimizing it. Its not because of blu-ray drive speeds or anything like that, its the difficulty of programming for the ps3, which will blow away in awhile after developers get more experience with the ps3.

drunkpandas3687d ago

You're right, it's an easy way out. Resistance 2 has supposedly 420 hours of gameplay and little to no load times, yet only needs 350mb cached to the hard drive. Most games with 5gb installs still have decent load times and don't have nearly as much content

thor3687d ago

Yes you are correct here. Blu-ray has marginally slower read speeds - but the main problem is being able to code for the PS3. The install is just an easy way out to make the game run smoother/load faster.

chaosatom3687d ago

* stands up and Applauds R2*

Danja3687d ago

It's more like "Stand up and aPplauds Insomniac for exposing alot of lazy devs"

OMG guys I finally finshed R2 story and seriously im even more pumped for R3 so many questions to be answered and I can't wait to see where Insomniac takes the story....

hay3687d ago

As far as I know they load levels during cutscenes that's why we don't see any loading, but it's there. Cool trick.

mikeslemonade3687d ago

You guys are right about the easy way out but it doesn't mean that an experience developer like insomniac can still use 5gigs. Just think about how the game could be better with the install. I can care less about installing games because i can delete installs from games that I don't play anymore.

DaTruth3687d ago

My problem with deleting the install is that you also delete any downloadable content or any updates and you have to re-download it all if you want to play the game again later, by the time I do all that I won't want to play anymore. So it still can be a huge problem.

SaiyanFury3687d ago

In actuality, BD has a faster read time than that of the average DVD read speed. BD beats out DVD's read speed, as it's a constant transfer rate. DVD's best transfer rate can't beat out BD's constant speed and therefore loses out in the race. The reason that companies make PS3 installs mandatory is that BD's seek speed is a bit slower than DVD. That's the reason. So in order to turn that over, they make HDD installations a must. Because people can't wait a few seconds more, this has become the norm. Sorry, but that's just a simple fact. DVDs seek a bit faster than BD and because of the minimal seek time, developers try to eliminate that.

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yanikins1113687d ago

hmm.... i notice me bubbles be shrinkin.... be it that dastardly bubble-gobblin' seamonster?

P.S. While I dont mind installing, good work insomniac for showing them how its done!


P.P.P.S I haven't played a game for ten hours straight since ff7... damn you Mm

drunkpandas3687d ago

You get bubbles cause Goblins stole them :)

yanikins1113687d ago

many thanks. i think it is in some way karma because i keep "terrorist-ing" my sackboy. he looks so cute when he self-detonates :D

ultimolu3687d ago

It's an addicting game. :3

DaTruth3687d ago

I didn't even think I would use the create mode and now I've spent 5 hours a day for 2 weeks on a single level and I'm only half done. I had some inspiration one morning and the ideas keep coming to me.

Oner3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

@ Juuken ~ "xDDDD It's an addicting game. :3"

Was that meant for R2 or the "Bubble Goblin" game? ;) ...chuckle

But back on topic....good work as usual Insomniac.

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DJ3687d ago

And I'm glad developers are realizing that it's really engine optimization that ultimately decreases load times and texture/object pop-in.

Resistance 2 only has a 350MB install (smaller than Ratchet Future and Resistance 1), and Motorstorm 2's install is literally 10% smaller than its predecessor's (50MB instead of 500MB).

drunkpandas3687d ago

Sony's actual limit is 5gb, which unfortunately a lot of devs are using, which is filling up a ton of hard drive space. I know a few people with 40gb consoles that have full HDD's. I have a 200gb hard drive in mine and I'm using over 100gb of space, 95% of which is game data.

pwnsause3687d ago

thats not %10 smaller, thats more like %90 smaller.

yanikins1113687d ago

i was wondering why that 10% thing looked wrong little sack person...

taz80803687d ago

How many GB's are Wii installs, o right LOL, I kid I kid

yanikins1113687d ago

my roflcopter goes lolololololololol-chug-chug-st all

chaosatom3687d ago

How many MB are Wii games??????

drunkpandas3687d ago

Who knows, they still count things in Blocks

Needs moar FLOP3687d ago

Theres going to be 10GB in patches!!!

ravinshield3687d ago

oblivion...4.6gb required
sony may cry 4...4.7gb-20 min install
full auto 2...1.7gb required
spider man 3...2.3gb-five min install
hot shot golf...5gb-five min install
skate...2.5gb--five min install
rainbow six vegas 2...3.4gb required
wwe smackdown vs raw 2008....2.3gb required
F.E.A.R...2.5gb required
NBA 07....3gb-ten min install
lost....3.6gb---six minute install
conflict denied ops...2.5gb required
beowulf---2.5gb---five minute install
GT prologue--5349MB..13 minutes install
Quake=4.1 GB install
GTA 4...5 min install.
battlefield:BC...300mb required
Bourne Conspiracy..5GB Install required
metal gear solid 4...8 min install,4.6 GB required
BIOSHOCK......5.0 GB required, 10 min mandatory install
Vampire Rain....3.8GB install required
Fracture...1900MB required=4 minutes
little big planet....600MB Install required
Socom Confrontation... 3.1GB Install required
Far Cry II....3.5 gb install required
NBA 09 The Inside....2.5gb required
Resistance 2...350mb required

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pwnsause3687d ago

Uncharted is another game that doesnt use any installs. Not to mention Burnout Paradise. Its all about optimization all right. It shows that Developers still dont know what they are doing correctly.

CrippleH3687d ago

I like the way Uncharted does it.

It ghost cache it on your harddrive on the first load. Then after seemless!

More devs need to do it like Naughtydog.