Daily Joypad: Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 Review

Overall, PES2009 is ideal for the football enthusiast who is not bothered about licenses, and prefers to stick to offline play. It's frustrating, as PES2009 would be a 5 Star game if it just maintained its quality outside of the standard offline game modes, particularly in the online domain. While it will no doubt enthral those who want to play offline due to the addictive nature of the Master League, those looking for online thrills would be much better off buying FIFA09.

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GrieverSoul3685d ago

As the review says, offline the game is very good.
The online right now is almost unplayable. Players teleportaton, incredible (unrealistic) solo play from players like Messi and Ronaldo that pass the ball trough 3 defenses without loosing the ball (even when the replay shows the character actually going trough the defense character model).

Worst 70€ I spent this year!

jromao3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

Even today I play PES Online and almost no lag, no teletransport at all, and this at 22H00 prime time for web traffic (same as other days), just a few glitches but nothing to ruin gameplay.

My complain goes (as review also states) to Konami ID system, followed by Game ID, and then by PES profile player, 3 ID's to get online running, it's ridiculous while we already have our PS3 user tag for that, field where Konami should improve (a LOT).

And game can be purchased for only 42 Euros from, don't know where you went to pay 70 ???