Hands-on Preview / Skate 2 (TVGB)

TVGB: "Last year's Skate was hailed as a breath of fresh air in the world of skateboarding games, which really only consisted of the Tony Hawk series and lame spin-offs that usually weren't creative enough to come up with a better name than something like Hony Tawk's Semi-pro Skateboarding Experience. EA Black Box took the established controls of the Tony Hawk series, got rid of them and then inserted their own take on the sport with their stick flicking control scheme which used the joysticks to mirror the movements of the players feet. The game was a hit. And when a game is a hit it means it gets a sequel. Now you may have read that last sentence with a negative slant, but in the case of Skate it's a welcome sight as Skate 2 (not to mention Skate It) give the development team a chance to do more with their new, more realistic slant on the skating genre."

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Nice, the game looks good.