Gears of War 2 - Hour Play Review - writes "Hour Play is a review format that looks at the introduction of a game rather than the game in it's entirety. In Hour Play we judge the game based strictly on an hour of gameplay, not including cut-scenes, menus, or character customization.

Gears of Wars (the first one) came out of nowhere and really helped define the 360. I know a lot of people (myself included) who were lured into the current age of gaming with its ridiculously stylized graphics; a housemate had the game and spurred me to purchase my own 360 so we could play together. I picked up the sequel at a launch event at Blockbuster here in Toronto, and I couldn't wait to get home to give it an Hour Play."

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knamelis3690d ago

good stuff... nice and to the point.

chaosatom3690d ago

how long is gears 2.

the campaign.

Voozi3690d ago

My friend and I beat it last night in roughly 7 hours 50 minutes on normal, we probably could have gotten it down to 7 hours had we not been tired and losing motivation to finish since we wanted to go to sleep lol but came so far in the campaign to stop haha. We pretty much played from 7pm - 2:50am and yea, this was watching every cut scene and what not as well (not that their long but incase people though we skipped through all of em and stuff)

Next weekend it's gonna be co op on Insane! ;D

SuicideFLip3690d ago

It makes me sad that I have the game with me but my 360 is miles away.

i am the truth3690d ago

Exatly what i tought when i played it but that dose not mean gears2 is crap.

MashedButtons3690d ago

I completely agree. I just wanted more of the same... and it's what I got!


oh... i really want this game!

I may have to get a 360...

level 3603690d ago

Truly epic proportion this Gears of War 2, every level, new moves and weapons, bigger enemies even the differing is awesome.

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