How Microsoft and Epic Are Discouraging Used Game Sales with Gears of War 2

Loot Ninja writes:

"We all know that developers and publishers aren't the biggest fans of used game sales. It cuts into their revenue stream, but makes GameStop and stores like it a ton of cash every year. Many publishers are finding ways to add value to the new game sales to discourage gamers from picking up used copies.

I recently read an article from Stephen Totilo over at MTV's Multiplayer Blog with his proposal on how developers and publishers can stop used game sales by adding Achievements/Trophies for purchasing a new copy of the game. While I like the idea, I realized that Microsoft and Epic had already implemented their own system when I opened my copy of Gears of War 2."

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greyishfox3659d ago

Great point. What happens when you get the RRoD? No more map pack for you? That would be very uncool.

drunkpandas3659d ago

It's on your download list on Xbox Live, so you can always re-download it to whatever replacement console you get.

Bnet3433659d ago

Like drunk pandas said, you can always re-download anything you ever downloaded. As for this, I applaud Epic for fighting used game sales. GameStop really sucks. I used to buy used games, but I don't anymore unless it's a very hard game to find or if it's from GameFly because their used games come in brand new cases and are way cheaper then Gamestop.

joemayo763659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

its a great strategy to promote buying new except for a MAJOR flaw, that being households that have more than 1 member that have LIVE. as the incentive to get the new game is nulled as only the individual redeeming the code can use it which is REALLY LAME, i guess the "genius" marketing strategizer found it hard to believe more than one person use the same xbox in a household :\. they should have put a cap like, "can be used on up to 2-3 LIVE accounts." this is one of the pluses of PSN, excellent game overall just wish i had the mappack

As it now isolates the consumer base of those who don't have the mappack, which are stuck now with other who don't have it either. Yes i know u can still play with anyone but if ur in a party that wants to play flashback ur left behind :(.

really annoying

JasonXE3659d ago

its actually a post to promote anti privary since the the people who get them online can't download it. They'll be missing out on the whole game and not be able play with the million gamers online (when it comes to those maps).

player9113659d ago

I'm sure they'll be free eventually. They're probably a timed release... then either charge a small fee or offer them free.

I really liked the extra's. I got the golden gun, 5 maps, and a free theme.

I'd like to see more games come with free themes and a special (colored) weapon. It's better then them offering them as downloads which cost extra money. I'd like to see them come with avatar icons and avatar accessories once NXE comes out.

It does offer extra incentive to go out and buy first day releases and new copies. There is nothing wrong with this at all.

I bet the golden hammerburst code would go for a nice penny on ebay

majorsuave3659d ago

"households that have more than 1 member that have LIVE"
Games bought from Arcade are available to all users on a xbox, don't you think downloaded content would be too?

3659d ago
joemayo763659d ago

ur absolutely right arcade games do allow this, but i'm not talking about arcade games i'm talking about THIS particular DLC which EPIC stated would only be playable on the account that redeems it.

I understand it's to control people from sharing their code with friends but at the same time it screws over ppl that DO have more than one player per household on a system

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drunkpandas3659d ago

I'm all for added benefit for people who buy the games new. Giving away free content is a plus.

IdleLeeSiuLung3659d ago

I'm seconding drunk pandas. The reason games cost more is because gamestop as the middle man is eating up all the profits. Do we really need GameStop to fill the retail channel?

Most of the time, I find the games I want on sale and they are almost always cheaper than buying it from GS used! Why give my money to GS, when the developers are the one making the product I want. They are the ones taking the most risks.... Don't give your money to GS for used games, buy it new for a little over 10% more or just buy the game on sale. GS is just a greedy middleman....

taz80803659d ago

Free content s good, but I think they needed to make the game longer, it si a bit of a shame that you can blow through it in 10 hours or so.

drunkpandas3659d ago

That's very true. Often you can find new games on sale for cheaper than a used copy at GameStop. I'd always rather give the money to the developer than a used game store.

greyishfox3659d ago

it's unpleasant buying a used game with missing manual or a scratched disc. I've had it happen and it wasn't enjoyable. New game purchasers should be awarded.

ChampIDC3659d ago

That's the purpose of the multiplyer. It's hard to make any kind of shooter that doesn't get stale after the 10 hour mark. Multiplayer is the lasting appeal of games like this.

Megatron083659d ago

And lets not forget that GS sell used games as news one anyways

PS360PCROCKS3659d ago

Hmm I must suck, I am at about 14 hours and I am pretty sure I have a while to go.

Halochampian3658d ago

You don't suck. It took me 15 hours to beat it on Hardcore.

People who claim to beat it in 10 hours or less are just playing on Casual and trying to run through it quickly, which is dumb.

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drunkpandas3659d ago

I hope more developers/publishers start doing things like this. I'm not a fan of GameStop anway

Capt CHAOS3659d ago

Means I can pick up a second-hand copy for much cheaper!


taz80803659d ago

No one likes Gamestop, not even their own employees.

drunkpandas3659d ago

Yeah I know a whole lot of current and former GameStop employees that have nothing good to say about that place.

NaiNaiNai3659d ago

rock band 2 did something like this with the codes to get the 20 songs. *which really aren't that bad for some unknown artists*

i worked for gamestop for about a year.
1. pay sucked
2. hours sucked *you had to have alot of pre-orders to get hours*

the only thing i like was the fact i could get any game i wanted and borrow it new/used from the store. i got to try steel batalion out like that. MY GOD that game was awesome. thats also how i beat most of my ps2 games. XD



I rely on trading in games to fund part of my next purchase.

ChampIDC3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

That's fine for you, but the developers need to make a profit off of their games. Nobody says you have to buy it new. This is just incentive to do so, and the people that support the developer by buying new deserve something for it.

Proxy3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

What developers need is to make games capable of producing a profit on it's own. As in, make a game that people want to keep and not trade off to a friend (or GameStop) in 2 weeks.

How sad is this, "Yeah, I bought Gears 2 for 60$, and then sold it 2 weeks later for 20$." Shows how much he enjoyed the game.

cjflora3659d ago

The developers are far from not getting paid because of used game sells. This is retarded, and just shows Microsoft's greed. The used game industry is not illegal and should not be something Microsoft needs to discourage. Piracy is illegal and their attempts to stop piracy would be warranted. The sale and purchase of used games is good for the economy and allows for businesses to provide extra value to a game. A gamer might sell a game to help fund his next new game, and the person who buys that used game is buying it because he can't afford the $60 price tag, or he's trying a game he was unsure he would like, and can justify getting it since it is cheaper.

We all know these games make the majority of their money during the initial release of the game. Gears has already sold more than 2 million copies. Many of the people who will be buying the game used will be buying it long after Microsoft or the developer have raked in what they expected out of the game.

IdleLeeSiuLung3659d ago

Buying used games aren't good for the economy other than fattening the pockets of GameStop. GameStop has huge profit margin on used games and pay their employees low wages.

If you buy a game in-store you are making a contribution to the developer that put their heart and soul into creating a creative and entertaining experience for you. In my opinion buying a used game is akin to say, thank you for the experience and I will reward the people that didn't make the game i.e. a slap in the face. As mentioned before, I frequently find my games cheaper brand new than used from GS.

An example is my friend whom bought a Wii from GS, then bought a crap load of accessories and a 2 games. He spent like $400+ and bought No More Heroes (within the last month) for at least $40 used. I bought that game months ago at $20 new! Most of the time people think they are saving money by trading in games at GS, but when you get a fraction of what you pay for the game new or used and then you pay a hefty premiun on a game, your net is at best zero if not a loss. Being a savvy consumer pays off! I only buy my games new.... Do whatever you want with your money, but I'm voting new with mine.

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