Ninjatown hidden humor: reference to "OVER NINE THOUSAAAND!" internet meme (Dragonball Z)

Those who have played deep into Ninjatown have noticed this bit of hidden humor in this dialogue:

Ninja Consultant: A big number.
Mayor: How big are we talking here?
Ninja Consultant: Over 9000.
Mayor: WHAT!? OVER 9000!?
Mayor: Well, I'm off to cower in fear again. Cheerio!

This references the "OVER NINE THOUSAAAND!" internet meme that originated from Dragonball Z.

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CloudsEnd3487d ago

Vegeta, what does the Scouter says about his Power-Level?

UltimateIdiot9113486d ago


ChickeyCantor3486d ago

...The Meme is dead, don't revive it.
No phoenix down or Moon Atomizers can save it.

It's dead...the meme is over....

hynesa023486d ago

The meme may be dead, but fans will never die

PirateThom3486d ago

Meme lives on since a version was posted on the Oprah message board.

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Counter_ACT3486d ago

Jesus this meme is so old.

Mozilla893486d ago

I had no idea this was a meme, haha.

matchgrade3486d ago

This isn't news.
Awesome, but not news.