ZTGD Review: Fallout 3

ZTGD: When the reigns of the long dormant Fallout series were picked up by Bethesda, many fans of the series were worried. They were concerned that their beloved series would be turned into a mindless Oblivion clone, with none of the grit, grime, dark humor, and visceral action of the originals. The long wait is over, and Fallout fans need not fear. Not only does Fallout 3 prove itself worthy of its lineage, it expands on conventions of the genre to create a truly memorable RPG experience.

+ Incredibly immersive gameworld
+ Fantastic V.A.T.S. combat system
+ Tons of depth
+ Visceral action
- Some issues with clipping and hit detection
- Standard FPS controls can feel floaty at times

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kittoo3661d ago

And loving every moment of it. Its awesome

kwicksandz3661d ago

Havent even played gears 2 or banjo yet but i think i have to give the GOTY to fallout 3. i can see myself playing this till the DLC comes out easily.

mettalhead703661d ago

Ya, it's a shame that it came out when it did.Now I cant decide which one to play first, Resistance 2 or Fallout 3.They are both going to take a lot of time really get into and fully enjoy them.

TheWickedOne3661d ago

I would play R2 first and wait for the Fallout trophies patch ( guessing you have it for PS3 and like trophies).

NaiNaiNai3661d ago

the game is amazing. love every minute. >.> even though i dont get to play much.
CoDwaw beta is taking up alot of my time.

meepmoopmeep3661d ago

i can't wait to try this game.
saying i didn't like oblivion is an understatement,
but i'll give this a rent.