PSFocus: Resistance 2 European Version Review

The Dutch website has put there review of Resistance 2 online. We are happy to announce, that we are one of the first gamesites in Europe to review this game. For you viewing and reading pleasure, please click on the link.

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i am the truth3662d ago

To be honest after playing killzone 2 i dont care about resistance2 any more, when i play resistance2 its like im going back wards. Killzone2 has changed how i look at FPS for ever.I can only imagine how the full game will play and look like if the beta is this good.

dude_uk3661d ago

hey man.. that's what i felt after playing MGS4...
every other shooter felt so stiff and hard to move...

360fanboysaregay3661d ago

i think that R2 dose deserve that score..and Gears 2 deserves a 9 2 both are on par..havent played killzone2 beta

Rehabinum3661d ago

I agree with the person above me about the score, I wrote the review so it would be weird if I did not. But I also got the KZ2 beta and this one absolutely beats Res2 .. its gameplay and graphics are beyond believe. Can't wait till the full version is out!

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