New videogames e-zine to launch next month

A new UK videogames e-zine will launch next month.

The e-zine is a spin-off of now-defunct games website Resolution, which went on extended hiatus in 2004.

From the site: "Resolution is a monthly videogames e-zine run primarily by a group of egocentric misfits in Leeds, UK.

It's all delivered in the lovely, straightforward format of HTML, so you've no silly PDF files to download. We aim to talk about videogames in the most diverse and relevant way possible, meaning we've the standard 'news and reviews' gubbins, but also plenty of other worthwhile articles for you to cast your watchful eyes over.

We do this because we bloody love videogames, we bloody love writing about them, and we're bloody proud of both of these facts. We hope that you - yes, sir/madam, you! - can share in this gleeful excitement about this most wonderful of creative media, and that you enjoy reading the words what we have written."

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