Fallout 3 Graphics Performance In-Depth Look

"Recently we looked at how various ATI and Nvidia based graphics cards fared in Far Cry 2 and the results were somewhat unexpected as we found that mid-range graphics cards were capable of playing this game in all of its visual glory. Today we have yet another impressive new game called Fallout 3, which has had the same level of hype and anticipation surrounding it as Far Cry 2 did during the entire year."

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Timesplitter143686d ago

To be honest, I can't even see the difference

moses3686d ago

The textures and models in fallout 3 aren't all that detailed, but the main difference in the settings are the detail in draw distance, and AA. As of right now, there are a bunch of people working on textures mods to make the game look 2x better!

It's also good that it isn't a crysis like game because more cards can run this MASSIVE game comfortably.

Bolts3686d ago

Fallout 3 rips through 50 FPS on my PC on ultra. While the game doesn't look amazing it looks a hell lot better than my cousin's 360's. There are a lot character textures and details missing on the console. However the biggest difference between Fallout 3 on the PC and the console is the load time. The PC quick load is so fast that sometimes I get lost and can't even tell what just happened.

kwicksandz3686d ago

The PC version loads so fast that you dont have time to read the tips they put on the loadscreen.

As for the actual visuals i dont think they are that much improved really. A few cleaner textures here and there but you can tell they scaled the engine down for consoles =(

lagoonalight3686d ago

On the water shot there is a VAST difference from Ultra to High.
Vast as in very large difference in textures, lighting, depth, etc.

My question is the 360/Ps3 version water looking like high or Ultra.

I will not be getting this game simply because I don't have a PC and I am
not about to accept the version I have been given.

swinesucker3686d ago

That is a good question. Ultra looks way more refined in certain shots. Some of the High ones look like crap, that water is atrocious.

z1ck3685d ago

play this game in ultra high using my hd 4870 but had to decrease a little how far you can see the tree and houses so that i could have a constant 60 fps everywhere also had to remove the water reflection ( but i think it was not necessary the last ) anyway next catalyst will bring fixes but the details are at the max so the games is perfect