Game Revolution Review: Resistance 2

Resistance 2 again follows Nathan Hale as he fights off the Chimera-an army of mutant-alien-zombies in the vein of, well, every other monstrous army in a shooter ever made. The series' sole unique twist to the staid FPS formula is that Resistance pays homage to the thinly veiled anti-communist allegories of 1950's B-movies. This explains why the Chimera originated in the Soviet Union and why they want to turn us all into mindless drones dedicated to peace, love, and the equal distribution of wealth. But where the first game focused on the British invasion, this time the Chimera have traded in their tea and crumpets for hot apple pie and have shifted their focus to the United States.

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farhsa20083628d ago

FIRST, yay for the first time ever, FIRST LOL

i am the truth3628d ago

I would give this game a C because im in the killzone2 beta.Im sorry but killzone 2 makes all other FPS look crap including resistance2, and dont think im talking about only graphics.The gameplay in killzone 2 is so much better,no disrespect to ted but i think killzone 2 devs have outshined him;im not saying resistance 2 is crap all im saying is that after i played killzone 2 and i played resistance 2 it was like im going backwards.Killzone 2 has cnahged how i look at FPS for ever.If ur in the beta add me, psn id is jon_abobo. Lets BODY COUNT them.. ;-D

colonel1793628d ago

but I don´t doubt that killzone 2 is impressive, however, I could bet one million dollars that the reviewers are going to find an excuse to give the game an 7-9, and they will compare it to Call of Duty 4, Halo 3, and Gears of War, and they will say it is not as impressive as the CG trailer from E3, which that is going to make a great excuse to substract at least 0.5 off of it. Mark my words, because that will happen.

Close_Second3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

...for PS3 exclusives that actually deserve it otherwise you wont see them remain as exclusives.

I am not on the K2 beta but am loving what I'm seeing and hearing about the game. However, that ain't out until 2009 where as resistance will be out in a few days time (I live in New Zealand where it gets released on Nov 21). I'm sure R2 is more than good enough to fill the void until K2 comes out.

And if once I have played K2 I can't play games like R2 anymore because K2 sets a new standard, then so be it. But until then, I will get my FPS fix with R2.

colonel1793628d ago

For me Killzone is going to set a new standard in games graphically and technically very very high. i really hope that this game sets the example to third parties developers to get them want to develop better games for the ps3 and why not ONLY to the ps3, but the truth is, that even if it gets to be the best game ever made, reviewers and fanboys are going to make a way to find problems, and excuses to it. This generation of gaming has been only about who can denigrate more the games. I really wonder why reviews became so important. I remeber when I played games (I still do, but people don´t) based on the content, not on which console it was, or if it was 1 pixel better than the other, and reviews would grade the game beased on what it was, not based on pixels, or console etc

mettalhead703627d ago

Is it really that good?
Ive been hearing that from quite a few people.Ive also heard that Killzone 2 has a tactical realism type of feel.You have peaked my curiosity.

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Arsenal4Ever3628d ago

KZ 2 > is better than R2 lol.

However It's still a good game.

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