Eurogamer: The Last Remnant Hands-On

n the sea of RPGs at the Tokyo Game Show last month, The Last Remnant stood out - not only because it commanded a disproportionate section of the Square-Enix stand, but because its demo pods comprised almost a full half of Microsoft's. It's no longer exclusive, but Last Remnant is a key game for both the Xbox and Square Enix this Christmas: where Microsoft is no doubt hoping that Xbox sales of the game will make a dent in its success on the PS3 in Japan, Square-Enix is billing it as an RPG for the world; the Japanese-developed role-player that will finally break out and enjoy as much success elsewhere as it inevitably will in its home country.

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Tomdc3686d ago

Seems like a good game to me, not great.

Gitaroo3686d ago

saw a bunch of video, the battle looks very boring, like super boring actually. It would have some impact if white knight story isnt coming out for PS3 but thats not the case.

richierich3686d ago

I hope this game turns out to be good