Gametrailers: SOCOM: Confrontation Review

Gametrailers: "How pleasant is the element of Confrontation's surprise?"

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Raoh3688d ago

i dont even know what to say here

yeah.. decent score..

yeah gave a fair presentation of the game outside of its issues while at the same time addressing its issues.......


i get this eerie feeling the reviewer never played SOCOM before.. mind you there has been, SOCOM, SOCOM II, SOCOM III, SOCOM Combined Assualt, the PSP versions

and now confrontation

and the reviewer speaks as if socom was trying to mimic a genre of shooters when in reality there are none..

do i hate the review or love it.. hard to call it.....

Naked-Snake3688d ago

But still the reviewer seems to be new to the Socom Franchise.

Bigrhyno3688d ago

Doesn't really matter what any site gives the game now. I played for at least 3 hours tonight, and it was 3 hours of fun.

Sarcasm3688d ago

Wow 7.5??? That's actually a lot higher than I expected from GT.

I was expecting in the 5-6 range.

I may give Socom another run through after more patches are released. For now I'm not touching it.

3688d ago
Sarcasm3688d ago

You fall flat on your face with your attempt as sarcasm.

You want PS3 masterpieces? MGS4, Little Big Planet, Killzone 2, God of... Wait, nevermind. No need to bother...

It's like talking to a hamster.

original seed3688d ago

Killzone 2 is not out. GOW is not out. MGS was good but too much of a movie for me. I actually picked up my PS3 for MGS and i don't regret it. I wish it had more gameplay. I have not bought LBP. I will but im waiting for the servers to be flawless.

ohhthegore3687d ago

He was probably refering to the killzone 2 beta which shows strong signs of being one of the best online games ever

boodybandit3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

"Wait, nevermind. No need to bother...

It's like talking to a hamster."

Had me burst out laughing uncontrollably like a little kid on Christmas morning.

Back on Topic.
I love Socom. The graphics (I am usually a graphics whore so it's suprising how much I am enjoying this game) of course are not the best but the guns, atmosphere, map design, weapon selection, overall immersion and hit detection, is excellent.

DaTruth3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

You'd almost think that MGS4 didn't give you the option to skip the movies. I watched it the first time through (great story), played it seven times since and never watched it since(it's kinda long) and hope to watch it again... someday.

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heyheyhey3688d ago

SOCOM was never going to be a game whose success rested on critical reception...

...the game has a MASSIVE fanbase and you can tell it's selling like crazy.. hell even non-SOCOM fans are probably all over this one because of the headset... i know i am

not much of a SOCOM man myself, but im definitely picking this up... best gaming headset and great online game for the price of a regular game??? you can't beat that

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The story is too old to be commented.