Prince of Persia Trophies Revealed

There are a total of 51 trophies. Here are the breakdown:

8 Secret Trophies
3 Gold Trophies
5 Silver Trophies
43 Bronze Trophies
1 Platinum Trophy

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White-Sharingan3628d ago

OMG! sold!

day one purchase for me! (for PS3)

DNAgent3628d ago

This also looks like it will be the best PoP game in the series (though I didn't like the other games but this one interests me). I'll be getting the superior PS3 version as usual.

byeGollum3628d ago

yeah i already planned on buying it for my ps3 ... ive always played it on ps so why change now .. now they just guaranteed my purchase on the ps3 version with Trophies ..