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Earth to Sony: The PlayStation 3 Needs A Price Cut

Sony if you are listening, please change your mind on no price cuts. You have a chance to pull yourself out of last place every month with a strategic hardware cut in time for the holiday season. (PS3)

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buy a ps3  +   2573d ago
no this weeks sales reports showed that the ps3 is back on track.
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ThanatosDMC  +   2573d ago
Everyone is trying to find fault on Sony. Trying to find those nails to a Sony coffin? They're having a hard time finding those nails.
Rock Bottom  +   2573d ago
Doesn't matter what every one say, the PS3 is too expensive for casual gamers, especially in this financial problem, and it could use a price cut, even if it did came out in first place this month, with a price cut it will only sell more.

Even a 50$ price cut will increase(or even doubles) sales, and you don't need a financial genius to figure that out.
Socom  +   2573d ago
Hahaha so thats why they are still rating down PS3 games. Because they are BITTER still...
Well earth to sore losers and bitters: UP YOUR FINANCES.

You cannot expect Sony to finance your console for you. They have the best line up of games ever seen, if you want one that bad, then buy one. If you cant afford one, you should have upped your finances long ago.

And price cuts do not help console get ahead. In accounting terms, when a company does price cuts, its "borrowing sales" from the future period. Total sales in console life time does not change. Just the yearly sales.
thebudgetgamer  +   2573d ago
they just wiped out Microsofts 7 week run in japan with a one week whooping. the ps3 beat the 360 all year at a a higher price point.
while price cuts are always welcome but to say its needed is a bit off.
with the price of stand alone br players coming down it might come sometime next year.
how about a 400 dollar Killzone 2 bundle Sony.

uie4rhig  +   2573d ago
actually i have to agree with rock bottom
PS3 may be selling good... it's only a matter of time before it won't sell any more at that price... if there is a price cut, it will only sell more ps3's not less.. but i guess Sony's finance guys are better at this than me !1! but on the other hand, as crippleH said, the stock market is in chaos.. Sony can't afford a price cut at this time.. Microsoft may have been able to with their big stacks of money, but Sony has a bigger problem than MS if it comes to the console price..
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SaiyanFury  +   2573d ago
I find it somewhat humorous. People love to rag on the PS3, and as such the media shows it's love for attacking a potential contender. As The BudgetGamer showed, in a single week the PS3 reached and outsold the total number of the 360s sold during it's 7 week sales increase. You can disagree, but even if you're opinion is different, it's hard to argue with numbers. I'm sorry to say but Japan belongs to it's own brands, Nintendo and Sony. If you cannot accept that, then that is your unfortunately small appraisal of the situation. I agree, the PS3 still has a higher price point than it's competitors but considering what you get as an entire HD package, you really do save a lot of money in the end. Free wireless online connectivity, a larger capacity hard drive. Heck a standard HDD, and included BD drive. There's simply so many reasons to own a PS3 as an HD console that it's easily worth the increased price. As for streaming media, unless you've got a really high speed connection at least 20mbps or higher you can't stream HD video 360 or PS3. The PS3 supports most major media cards with every model. CompactFlash, SD, or Memory Stick Pro, you can save your movies to a memory stick and view them. Or stream them within your own internal network. On top of that it's extremely easy to stream HD media from your own PC wirelessly to the PS3 and watch it. On the 360, you need to spend 100 dollars on the MS proprietary wireless adapter to accomplish the same goal, unless you invest in a wireless ethernet bridge, which most people don't have the technical skill to set up. The PS3 is the entire package, and worth it for the price Sony sells it for. Sure, it would be better to sell it for the cheaper price, but that's not to say it's not already worth what you pay for.

When Sony drops the price, they will be in an even better position to occupy more territory.
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Real Gambler  +   2573d ago
Post like that always make me laugh so hard....
NOBODY knows how much money Sony is making on each PS3s. Are they making $20, $40, $60 on each consoles? NOBODY know. There's even many people who think they are still not making any profit on the console yet. (Nintendo is the only one who has been selling the Wii for a profit since the launch). Sure enough, by now, the PS3 is likely making a small profit, but NOBODY knows by how much.

And when I come here and I read things like that,I alway have a good laugh:

"Even a 50$ price cut will increase(or even doubles) sales, and you don't need a financial genius to figure that out." or "if there is a price cut, it will only sell more ps3's not less.."

Yep, let say that they make $40 per console now (even if NOBODY knows for real). Lower the price by $50, so you sell way more consoles, and loose $10 on each console sold. Not a financial genius either, but I think it's not a good practice. Sure you sell more boxes, but you loose more money.

Dang, I'm sure they would sold more cars if they were $2000. Or they could sell more houses if they were $10000. But it won't happen either!
gaffyh  +   2572d ago
It doesn't need a price cut, but a price cut would help sell consoles. More importantly though Sony shouldn't cut the price because they are a business, cutting price now would mean they lose a lot more money on each PS3 sold (which would increase dramatically), not to mention the current recession problems.

Price cut would be good to the consumer, but bad for business, and Sony needs to stay alive as a business first and foremost. If they did do a price cut now, they would only realistically be able to do a small insignificant cut, which would be pointless.
Super-Brad  +   2572d ago
I class myself a casual gamer and yet i can afford one, thing is even the xbox was pricey at first.

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CrippleH  +   2573d ago
Earth to idiots.

The stock market is in chaos. You telling them to lose more money when they are close to breaking even.

I hope they do not run a company.
Bob Dole  +   2573d ago
How did you get so many disagrees???!

+bubbles :)
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GarandShooter  +   2573d ago
And this particular idiot is using made up numbers and saying 'work with me.' If he had factual numbers, his arguement may hold more water. Funny thing is, Sony has the actual numbers. If there was and credence to his theory, Sony would have already acted on it. Maybe next he can postulate how gas should only be 25 cents a gallon.
Raz  +   2573d ago
thank you
I'm glad someone said it! Bubbles to you.

Seriously...corporations that give things away aren't called corporations: they're called charities. Just because Microsoft cut prices doesn't automatically mean everyone else has to.

And let's be real: the 360 was overpriced to begin with (esp. after you factored in all the 'not included' stuff); only after the cuts is it now reflective of true market value. Sony began with a reasonable price for what they were selling, so to cut it further now would be silly - they'd be losing money for no good reason.
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LastDance  +   2573d ago
no matter which way you slice it....sony is taking a long time to catch up. I work in a game shop and all every1 wants to talk about is the wii. At this point in time, i cant see sony bouncing back to number 1 unless something drastic happens.

ps/ i own more sony products than you.
season007  +   2573d ago
lol whatever
i know its kinda mean but i like how gamestop workers pretend themselves to be industry experts
ultimolu  +   2572d ago
Amen Cripple H.

They're basically saying that Sony should go bankrupt for the sake of beating the competition when the economy isn't very strong right now!
XxZxX  +   2572d ago
season007, exactly, that's a reason why they work as store employee and others work as corporate executive.
WinterWolf  +   2573d ago
PS3 sales are doing well, no price cut needed...
However, I think Sony would do better if PS3 had more market exposure.
Hagaf22  +   2573d ago
i own one ps3, and im looking to buy another for my bedroom so my wife and i can enjoy our bluray collection in there and that way i can game when shes watching her shows, when sony drops the ps3 price, they will have another unit sold here, with out the price cut im not in any hurry to get it
GarandShooter  +   2573d ago
Hagaf, so you do realise the value of the PS3 having already bought one. You just don't have the same sense of urgency to purchase the second. Don't forget console manufacturers' business model, lose money on hardware(at least initially), make it up on software. I have recently read that Sony is finally breaking even for each PS3 sold. Owning a second console won't drive you to purchase more games, or even movies. If I decide to purchase a game or movie, the numbers or locations of the playback devices never enters the equation.
PirateThom  +   2573d ago
Earth to Blog.

When you're in charge of a billion dollar company, maybe you're critique of the situation will be valid. You don't get into business to lose money.
PirateThom  +   2573d ago
5 disagrees?


Considering the price of the PS3 against the 360 and the fact it's outselling it, a price drop may attract new customers but if you're losing a ton of money, what's the point?
thor  +   2573d ago
There are about 5 phantom disagreers on this story for some reason so don't worry about it.
PirateThom  +   2573d ago
I tend not to, but it's very easy to click "disagree" that make a valid argument. Oh well.
BWS1982  +   2573d ago
I'm not sure Thom
I've lost bubbles for this type of thing, and my comment below has a phantom 6 disagrees, maybe some blog members over there came to "fend for their rant"....I dunno
Oner  +   2573d ago
"I've lost bubbles for this type of thing"

Same here. I guess speaking truth to those who don't want to hear it makes them retaliate by taking bubbles instead of entering a proper discussion; with the possibility to maybe understand the situation at hand, while opening their eyes to not be so biased and be real gamers...
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house  +   2572d ago
why are people just talking dont people know that the ps3 takes more money to make than the 360 face it when you have 33 percent fail rate its for a reason
RememberThe357  +   2572d ago
Don't even get me started on losing bubbles...
Danja  +   2573d ago
Earth to Blogcritic

The PS3 is doing quite well without a price cut , Sony is already losing enough money on each PS3 sold , the economy is in the dumps right now , why lose more money when that's not what a business is about...?
Danja  +   2573d ago
wow 10 dis-agrees
for speaking the truth that the PS3 can stay competitve without a price cut unlike some console....Sony doesn't need to bleed extra money just because the competiton is dropping there price also...the PS3 has been matching 360 sales all year..The Wii is another story since neither Sony/M$ is matching there figures ..

PS3 needs no price cut till 2009...Bundles do work also..which Sony is good at doing..
Socom  +   2573d ago
Dont worry about it man, just a bunch of green with envy 360 fanboys who are dying for a PS3.
They all want a PS3, even though they will deny it in forums.

PS3 has the best games line up ever seen and it doesnt matter how they try to rig the reviews and rate down PS3 games again.

In all honestly, who doesnt want to play 60 player lag free online fast chaotic, super intense all out war multi player?

Who doesnt want to play the most revolutionary 8 player coop?
Who doesnt want to build his own levels and upload it to youtube from his PS3 for all to see?
Who doesnt want to play the most intense futuristic racing with supersharp graphics, 1080P and 60FPS?
Who doesnt want to play the best RPG this year which also happens to be the most tactical and most polished game that is Valkyria Chronicles?
Who doesnt to play the most hardcore offroad racing?
Who doesnt want to play the most epic game with the most epic ending that is MGS4?
Who doesnt want to watch Ironman, the Hulk, the Dark Knight, Quantum of Solace, Indiana, Harry Potter in true 1080P on his Blu Ray player?

I can guarantee you that 99% of all gamers out there would want to do this when asked.
Unfortunately for them, maybe only 20% can afford a PS3.
Thats where all the hate comes from "FK YOU SONY OMGZ"

Of course they never look in the mirror themselves because who the hell buys a 360 anyway.
Algullaf  +   2573d ago
360 need really a huge price cut again to stay on the truck, Sony ps3 doing great last week and it's going better.
All these website must shut up BCZ I feel they r speaking with microsoft mouth.

No need to Sony losing more they lost enought by giving us free things and services + best gaming hardware + best games + best online (psn)
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Sir_Ken_Kutaragi  +   2573d ago
BLOG??? BLOG??? BLOG??? WTF???
Oh dear!!! Welcome to BloggersNews4Gamers.com!!! ;-D

The PS3 is worth EVERY penny!!! ;-P

Earth to Bloodmask: Get a New Hobby!!! ;-D
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Snake Raiser  +   2572d ago
It is worth every penny. But most people don't know that. I thought that my sony friends were smarter than that... Now the first 2 have shown me that they are fanboys too. Sad. How old are you people if you can't admit that this would really help sony. And that sony won't get ahead with out this. Did you two even read the article? Sony could make more money this way. You are an embarrassment to Sony and BIG BOSS.
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Asurastrike  +   2573d ago
A price cut will come, eventually.
RememberThe357  +   2572d ago
Lol the 360 fanboys are on a tear in here.
How are you guys going to "disagree" with that? You can honestly sit there are say the the PS3 is never going to get a price cut? Come on...
she00win99  +   2573d ago
if they can sell 200 thousand units alone in US every month, i think the price cut will be in the distant future..
xBot Lemmings  +   2573d ago
No need for a price cut the xbots need a JOB

user858621  +   2573d ago
hahahaha!!! so true!!!
Keele  +   2573d ago
Too bad they're not the only ones who need a job.

When will you stop leeching off of daddy's wallet??
0verdrive  +   2573d ago
they are already losing money on each ps3 sold, and the gains are only hypothetical if they cut price, because they cannot say for sure that they will sell more hardware, and in turn sell more software. its too risky at this time when the economy is down.

plus they are selling fine right now, and will continue to sell as bluray continues to boom.
BWS1982  +   2573d ago
People have to remember
that them popping in an extra 40 Gigs into a bigger HDD is in a way, a price cut. More product for the same money is similar (but not identical) to same product for less money. That is a pretty decent thing to do, IMO, though no, it's not the same as an actual price cut.
BWS1982  +   2573d ago
I'm confused here guys, why
the disagrees? No sarcasm here, I'd like to hear why my above comment is any sort of fallacy? I said it's similar but not identical, so I'm not getting it.
waznotwaz  +   2573d ago
When Sony first released the PS3 there was very little interest in the console.That was because people were going mad for the Wii and weither Sony will ever accept this,the console was far too expensive for those casual gamers who just wanted to play games.So Sony dropped out backward compatibility,introduced a dizzying array of SKU's and gave us back our dualshock controls,all in an attempt to woo the casual gamers off there PS2 and over to the new console.The bottom line is that Sony misread the market.They have been far too reliant on brand loyalty and have to accept that they will struggle to ever get the price of the PS3 down low enough to capture the casual gamer.Giving someone an 80gb hard-drive in place of an 40gb hard-drive is not the same as a price cut.The bottom line is that Sony said some months ago that they weren't about to get into a price war with Microsoft and I don't think they will change there minds in the current economic climate.
ReBurn  +   2573d ago
I'm sure that Sony is hoping that people see the added value in the larger hard drive, but it's going to be a tough sell for gift buyers if they see a different console for $100 less with a 60GB hard drive. And there are still quite a few Pro packs out there with the two pack-in games.

The PS3 is doing reasonably well at its current price point, so there's not as much pressure for Sony to drop price. There really won't be unless the 360 starts to pull away significantly. Only time will tell if that will happen.

On a side note, I wish that the blog spam on N4G would go away. This site is turning into people submitting blog posts to try to drive traffic to their crappy sites.
karlostomy  +   2572d ago
@ Reburn
"On a side note, I wish that the blog spam on N4G would go away. This site is turning into people submitting blog posts to try to drive traffic to their crappy sites."

I completely agree. It's too easy for people to spout their own blog opinions and submit this crap on n4g.

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KARMA2009  +   2573d ago
Earth to Blogcritic
Japan stops ignoring the PS3, sales jump 900%
Posted Nov 6th 2008 12:00PM by Alan Tsang

Looks like all is right with the world again, according to the latest numbers from Media Create. This week on Sony's home turf, the PS3 moved 39,587 units -- outselling the combined figures of the Wii and Xbox 360. Also worth noting is that PS3 sales jumped a whopping 907% from last week, when the PS3 sold only 3,931 units.

As we reported yesterday, Grand Theft Auto IV for the PS3 took first place on the Japanese charts -- now we know it has sold 132,676 copies, while LittleBigPlanet and Gran Turismo 5 Prologue: Spec III sold 51,705 and 34,965 copies, respectively. You'll notice that Media Create has released slightly different numbers -- for example, the 360 version of GTA IV is in eighth place now instead of fourth place. Hardware sales are below, software sales are after the jump:

Hardware and software sales for the week of October 27th - November 2nd:

DSi -- 171,925
PSP -- 50,358
PS3 -- 39,587
Wii -- 23,123
DS Lite -- 16,369
PS2 -- 6,714
Xbox 360 -- 6,119

Grand Theft Auto IV (PS3) -- 132,676

Valkyrie Profile: The Accused One (DS) -- 79,760

LittleBigPlanet (PS3) -- 51,705

Pokemon Platinum (DS) -- 47,243
Wagamama Fassion Girls Mode (DS) -- 40,380

Rhythm Tengoku Gold (DS) -- 38,558

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue: Spec III (PS3) -- 34,965

Grand Theft Auto IV (360) -- 33,648

Your Life's Rhythm DS (DS) -- 26,191
Chocobo's Dungeon DS+ (DS) -- 26,190
KARMA2009  +   2573d ago
LOL all disagree's are xbox cry babies,thats right your 360 got smashed in one week,a KNOCK OUT PUNCH.
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KARMA2009  +   2573d ago
wait until White Knight Chronicles comes out in Japan in december,watch the PS3 sales goes off the charts.. view off screen 'TGS 2008' White Knight Chronicles trailer
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Rampant  +   2573d ago
This is true
400$ and you don't even get a headset for online play in there? Come oon.
heyheyhey  +   2573d ago
SOCOM: Confrontation for £30 and there's the best online gaming headset included??????

wowza, now there's a good deal
CyberSentinel  +   2573d ago
Don't Forget $400.00

Homeless Lemmings, I Even Got A Free Remote With My Launch System.
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Tmac  +   2572d ago
Okay? You don't need HD cables to play on the PS3, but you do need a charger kit for the Xbox 360 how lame is that. Xbox 360 doesn't even have Wifi... the Wii has wifi for god sakes.
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karlostomy  +   2572d ago
@ heyheyheyheyhey

No wonder it's £30 with a free headset...
Aclay  +   2573d ago
If PS3 sales were actually falling considerably, then I think that it would need a price cut, but PS3 sales have been pretty steady. The PS3 sold over 200K units in September's NPD and PS3 sales increased from August's NPD in comparison to Septembers without a price cut, so I say the PS3 is doing fine.

With Sony already reporting a drop in earnings and the way Economy the way is, Sony doesn't want to take anymore losses on PS3 sales at this point.

$399 is an affordable price for a PS3 in my opinion. If people can spend $250+ on Cell Phones, IPod Touches, and other electronics, then surely $399 for a PS3 isn't that bad.

Even though Sony didn't cut the PS3's price this year, I think that they made the PS3 look even more of an attractive value without actually dropping the price at all because Sony released a 80GB PS3 for $399 and got rid of the 40GB PS3 for $399.
#14 (Edited 2573d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Ikaika28  +   2573d ago
I Agree
How are you gonna purchase the $60 games and $25 blu-ray movies if you're gonna be stingy and expect Sony to cut the PS3 prices down probably 50 bucks at most. $400 is a great deal for the 80gb PS3. Microsoft is charging $400 for their xbox360 elite console and it doesn't even play blu-ray discs and they charge you for their online services. Blu-ray players alone are selling for $200+! Don't be a scrooge.
RememberThe357  +   2572d ago
Honestly, they're going to continue to loss money as the dollor depreciates
The US national debt is a mess. Our stupid ass government has decided to take loans with upwards of %20 interest. To pay these loans off the government has to print more money, causing the value of the dollar to decrease. That and the Yen is appreciating. The exchange rates are kicking Sony's ass right now.

We'll have to see, but if SCE doesn't generate profits from this quarter there is going to be some serious reorganization going on internally. This quarter is the bread winner of quarters.
XxZxX  +   2572d ago
the blogger got caught up with Winning instead of profitting.
I hope he doesn't do any business.
DJ  +   2573d ago
PS3 is selling great
And has sold more hardware than the 360 this year. No reason to drop the price yet.
Mr Tretton   2573d ago | Spam
DNAgent  +   2573d ago
PS3 doesn't need a price cut.
The PS3 has been doing fine without it and even selling more games than on the 360 (as reports from EA, Ubisoft, & Konami have confirmed). It's not that the PS3 "NEEDS" a price cut it's that people "WANT" them to have a price cut. The only reason you have Xbots running around is because they cannot yet afford a PS3 so once there is a price cut then you will see a lot less Xbots because they are only hating on what they can't have.
NaiNaiNai  +   2573d ago
actually i had a choice last paycheck between getting a 120GB HDD and a few games and a new desk for my stuff, or a ps3 with no backwards compatibility for ps2 games, no game, and a 80 GB HDD for 399.... i choose 120GB HDD the games and the new desk why, i want more for my buck not less.
Shane Kim  +   2573d ago
We also know that you are the biggest closet fanboy on this site señor Nai. So stop your imaginary shops couse you did't buy sh!t.
NaiNaiNai  +   2573d ago
LMFAO. now heres the sh!t i bought, god sony fanboys are really stupid. T_T no really im not kidding.
this being last paycheck. I get paid again this coming friday, but the ps3 will still have to wait due to x-mas. something all the sony brats cant afford.

so what all did i get.
(a)1. fallout 2. halo 3 3. ergo proxy box set.
(b)1. 120GB HDD
(c)1. new desk.*im setting this darn thing up in about 2 hours.*

you still going to back mouth me sonybrat.

Related image(s)
#17.3 (Edited 2573d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Tmac  +   2572d ago
U bought the 120gb harddrive for the same price i could be buying a 1 terabyte drive, feel like an idiot yet?
InMyOpinion  +   2573d ago
I thought the PS3 was supposed to have passed the 360 in sales by now, like all the fanboys predicted last year. Or maybe you don't remember? Oh well.
yanikins111   2573d ago | Spam
Sarcasm  +   2573d ago
Just like how you thought the 360 price cut would completely obliterate the PS3?
InMyOpinion  +   2573d ago
If Sony's strategy is so impeccable, how come they are still millions of consoles behind the 360 more than two years after it's release? What happened to the PS2 momentum?
bviperz  +   2572d ago
Seriously Jenzo
All this talk about console wars is just industry hype to help push sales. I blame the media for blowing out of proportion and thus creating the 'bad fanboy' persona. Does it really matter who sells more than who? I'm just glad they are all still selling well. Don't know about you, but I like to have choices when it comes to gaming. And when there's healthy industry competition going on, consumers are left with better choices. Can you imagine if today Wii was declared the winner and MS and Sony got out of the gaming industry? We'd all be left with one choice. Not a bad choice, mind you, but how crappy would that be? So, please don't fuel the persona, by making statements like, "I thought the PS3 was supposed to have passed the 360 in sales by now, like all the fanboys predicted last year." Enjoy your choices. It's why I don't get into the 'who out selling who' argument, because everybody knows the saying:

Second place is the first loser.
RememberThe357  +   2572d ago
Jenzo: You really don't get it do you?
Put your bias aside for a second and think about this like a business person. You don't build a business model around your competitors sales. Sony sees an opportunity to once again sell 100 million consoles. They only think about they're competition when they see them jeopardizing those numbers. Right now they're on track to sell 100 mil consoles in ten years, 10 million consoles a year for 10 years. You can bet your ass that if they can do better they will, but the goal is 100 mil and they on track to do that. I honestly think they're going to cut the price tward the end of the fiscal year.
Asurastrike  +   2573d ago
How do I get 10 disagrees when I say a price cut will come eventually? That's like if I said everyone will die eventually and 10 people call me a liar.
Danja  +   2573d ago
funny thing is it was worst this time last year....sometimes I would see ppl in PS3 post get 60+ disagrees for speaking positive about the PS3...
InMyOpinion  +   2572d ago
I'm not going anywhere, I'm Highlander.
GrandTheftZamboni  +   2573d ago
... cut prices and undersell other Blu-ray player manufacturers.
That's exactly what Toshiba did with HD-DVD.

PS3 is also a Blu-ray player and is instrumental in promoting the format. Everyone knows that at first, many game consoles are sold at loss, and that profit is made from selling games. If the author can do the basic math, he should add Blu-ray royalties and see how good or bad Sony is doing.

In short, I can't see it selling cheaper than average quality Blu-ray player. As they come down in price, so will the PS3.
#20 (Edited 2573d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Billabong  +   2573d ago
I'm pretty sure Sony know what they're doing, and won't drop the price when the console is doing great. A lot of people are buying it even though it's the highest priced console on the market.. price cut needed? No, at least not yet.
kazan  +   2573d ago
O another Bolg ...pass
dj_funky   2573d ago | Spam
pete2711  +   2573d ago
In daventry, My local town, A PS3 with 1 game or controller is £230, I think thats is bloody cheap for what you get.
Ashton  +   2573d ago
PS3 will get a price cut
early next year ,,as soon as the new smaller cheaper chip(45) is ready .

so we might get a price cut around the launch of Killzone 2
PCPCPC  +   2573d ago
I agree somewhat
I agree that a price cut will come but I think a price cut will come first when Killzone 2 gets released, then they will cut it again when the new chip comes out.

I wonder tho if M$ will cut their arcade down to 150 next year to try and counter Sony's price cuts.
sinncross  +   2573d ago
Im so over this price cut talk.
1) For what you can achieve with the PS3, its costs is actually a steal.
2) Yes it is expensive and that is hindering sales, but Sony is a business company... just slapping a price cut can actually do more harm then good for them if they start to lose too much profit. Gaining in hardware sales doesn't mean that the company is profiting in any way, or even doing any better.

Its a fine lien that has to be walked... with the price differences, the PS3 has been outsold the 360 so far this year... why would you need a price cut when you are outselling your most direct competitor?
Sony will cut the price with it is economically viable to do so, they aren't stupid.. they understand the price needs to be lower but at this stage, it is not probable for the company as a whole to do so.
masterg  +   2573d ago
I do think it would make sense for Sony to cut the price now.
OK they will loose $100 per console, but they will probably sell 500k just this holiday.

But here is the upside. Right now Sony has their best lineup of 1st party games, meaning they would sell a lot more 1st party games with the 500k extra consoles. And that is where you make your money back.
ultimolu  +   2573d ago
...This is a matter of supply and demand. If Sony drops the price, the demand would exceed the supply. They will lose more money. I don't think they care about winning. They care about making money.
ReBurn  +   2573d ago
No company that is in business to make money by selling the products that they make is going to try to control demand by keeping prices high. Cost is only one factor in the formula of price. They're going to sell the products that they make at a price the market will bear.

Right now the market will bear $399 for the PS3, so that's what Sony is going to continue to sell it for. If sales stagnated, Sony would have one of two choices. They could drop the price and possibly lose some money in the short term. Or they could exit the market and liquidate their remaining stock. I believe that if it came right down to it Sony would drop price if they had to.
shawnsl65  +   2573d ago
Thanks to microsoft and the xbox360's price cut, it proves that the PS3 does not need a price cut to even beat the 360 sales. Sony doesn't need a price cut. Hell Sony is set from now all the way til December 2009, they "might" have a price cut in Spring 09 when the 45nm chip comes out which cuts down on production cost (and in time for resident evil 5, SF4 competing with xbox360 same game sale). Microsoft just helped Sony prove that they have the better "bang for your buck." If you can't afford a ps3 now, then wait til spring 09 to buy one or go to Walmart today at 8am for the 399-100bucks gift card - 150bucks sony card = $149 ps3.
KARMA2009  +   2573d ago
I agree,also Sony said they are planning to replace the 80GB PS3 and drop it's price to $299 with a 160GB PS3 to be at $399 in spring 2009..
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KARMA2009  +   2573d ago
I forgot PS3 is also a BLU Ray Player
Sales will go crazy this christmas,dec/09/2008 BLU Ray Dark Knight comes out = BLU Ray players selling,PS3's be selling,and another world breaking BLU Ray movie disc record (Dark Knight) will sell in the millions.
tee_bag242  +   2573d ago
Price cut ?`
Supply and Demand is the only thing right now thats going to dictate price for the PS3. And they are selling so you tell me what you would do if you were in charge...?

You cant really expect the price of a PS3 to drop as much as a 360 does either.
360's are made with common PC parts - you know how it goes
Whether you like it or not. Fact remains the hardware and technology in the PS3 is worth more.

360's should be cheap so people dont mind buying a second one when it inevitably breaks
(that was just to stir up the room)
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