MSXW: Penny Arcade Adventures Episode II - review

Jake Lyons writes:

"After playing the game I'm sure I missed out on some of the jokes and story line that carried over from Episode One, but that didn't stop the game from being a very enjoyable experience. The combat was fast and frantic trying to manage your three characters, but the re-exploring of levels seemed tedious at times. Visually it is hard to compare this wonderful game to others that are available for digital download and the art design was both humorous and engrossing enough to keep the game fresh. Add in the music and superb sound effects to complement the graphics and Episode Two can please the hardest of visual and audio critics. The raunchy humor and off the wall story kept on giving to the end making it one of best parts of the game. Although the 1200 Microsoft Points may seem high (cheaper than the first by 400 MS Points) for some picky consumers the game will be a welcome addition to anyone's games library."

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