Gears Of War 2 launches to ecstatic reviews

The original game won significant acclaim, and is one of the best selling games to date on the Xbox 360 console, selling somewhere in the region of five million copies. That's not Halo numbers, but it's still a significant amount by pretty much any other measure.

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kewlkat0073685d ago

Which is really "Tests Of Valor" in NG2. Made it to 8, then I had to sleep since I'm working in the AM. Grr I start the campaign later today.

Dpa3685d ago

I have the game and i must say, judging on the single player only. Its a huge disappointment. I played through gears 1 twice until i got bored of the gameplay and the sequel doesnt change or improve on the gameplay at all. It feels like an expansion pack.

fredy3685d ago

Its not a lets make a brand new game and slap gears of war 2 on there.
Since u were bored with 1 after 1 run, it's probally not your game.

Should of saved your money instead of wasting it.

sak5003685d ago

If you were bored of Gears why would you want the 2nd part? Buy Resistance 2 than. Different strokes for different folks. I'm enjoying it quite a lot. Tried a bit of Horde with my nephew online and its crazy. Got to 10th wave on normal and 20th on casual. Would be even more fun with full on 5 players.

PirateThom3685d ago

While it does feel somewhat like an expansion pack due to the fact there's not a lot of changes to the core gameplay (honestly, anyone who argues this is just lying to themselves), I think it's a far better game than the first one.

There's more variety, there's more colour and there's an actual story thrown in there for good measure. The whole thing isn't an overhaul as much as it's desperately needed improvement in terms of visuals and playabiliy. I think the first game is pretty average. It's an enjoyable, but very unoriginal shooter. What they've done here is take the same formula, but make it more interesting. Every single set-up is well thought out and there's some very good ideas.

Like I said elsewhere, if you don't like the first one, it won't change your opinion of the series. If you like the first game, chances are you'll love this one. While I think some reviewers got carried away by hype, just like the first game, there's no denying it's a fantastic game.

hamburgerhill3685d ago

Spoken like a professional.

titntin3685d ago

I can only agree with the original comment.

I actually prefer the first title. This one is still absolutely linear - there's no sense of freedom at all, and the game really feels on rails.
Whilst they have tried to inject more of a story, I find it very weak and I simply don't care at all about the characters.
Core gameplay is the same, but if if ain't broke, don't fix it and I'm happy enough with that! Graphically it looks great too, so no complaints their.

But some people are talking like this game is the second coming of god, and it just isn't, they are simply buying into hype. If you liked the first one, you will certainly like this. But with absence of anything radically different, it simply doesn't feel as fresh and inventive as the first release did and is merely a good game, not fantastic.
All my opinion of course, and I've read enough to know that many don't share it, but in my house we've gone back to the newly arrived COD5, Fable 2 and LBP of course. Maybe I'll go back to GOW2 later...

callahan093685d ago

I like your style, PirateThom.

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Herbert tholdpervert3685d ago






Counter_ACT3685d ago

Wow what bollocks plot twists.

Captain Tuttle3685d ago

The campaign has some really annoying design choices gameplay wise. Things that were thrown in to "challenge" the player. They end up being frustrating takes on old gaming cliches. I won't spoil the experience for anyone but you'll know what I'm talking about when you run into them. Still it's pretty fun and I haven't even tried the MP yet.

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