TeamXbox: WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009 Review

TeamXbox writes: "
If the thought of two grown men beating each other to bloody pulps-as in MMA or certain portions of a hockey game- puts a lump in your throat, there are always milder forms of publicized violence. You could go old-school of course, and watch two out of shape heavyweights exchange glancing blows in a boxing match, but the lack of top-tier competition in that sport today is alarming. A better bet would be to tune into one of the WWE's wrestling programs.

I know I know, WWE's brand of wrestling is fake, and therefore not a sport. The 'E' in WWE is for entertainment, which some purists say puts wrestlers out of the realm of "athlete." All betting and semantics aside, would you rather watch two mediocre boxers bear hug for the majority of a twelve round fight, or watch two (or maybe thirty!) dynamic wrestlers bear hug…and eye gouge, do back flips, and do things with tables and chairs that the office furniture industry never intended, and, well…you get the picture."

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