1UP's 10 Favorite User-Generated Little Big Planet Levels (So Far)

1UP writes: "Blazing trails is always a risky endeavor fraught with potential pitfalls, and Sony's genre-busting platformer, Little Big Planet, has hurtled headfirst into several during its first few weeks of release. Most notably, its online servers -- which are absolutely crucial for sharing your creations and meeting up with buddies for four-player cooperative action -- have intermittently gone down for extended periods of time. Although the game still offers plenty of rewarding offline content (a full Story mode to venture through along with the game's robust, open-ended level-editing tools), LBP's true magic lies in its global exchange of its users' creativity. Luckily, the servers appear to have gained some stability in November, so hopefully, everyone will be able to play one another's creations with ease.

So how do you go about discovering the coolest user-created stages? With hundreds of thousands of offerings already out there (and more appearing every day), it's quickly becoming a quagmire of overwhelming excess. Sure, you'll randomly stumble upon some gems among the chaff, but it helps if you know where to look. Here, we've gathered together 10 levels that we feel accurately represent the diversity and creative potential offered by this pioneering product."

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toxic273661d ago

that level is f*ckin crazy

xjoshbx3661d ago

Exactly... How the BLEEP did he do that? Sounds like a jetpack when the aircraft moves around...

aceitman3660d ago

i played a few and its good to have lbp

swissarmyshank3660d ago

There is smoke. It appears through the background every once in a while, just as the string does. Don't know how he makes it shoot, but you hit R1 to do it so there's something there for you to grab. I don't really care how he made it, I just care about it being loads of fun.

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yanikins1113661d ago

ifound 2 i like... a mirrors edge one and i think the other is called colourful. lbp is the awesome

lordgodalming3660d ago

One of the Mirror's Edge levels you mentioned is really clever. They make the speed run tougher by putting in little ice ramps. Looks great too.

I finally finished story mode last night. I'm working on acing every level to get all of the goodies for building. Damn, LBP is fantastic.

San anto3660d ago

the ninja warrior level is great XD

3660d ago
demoneyeslaharl3660d ago


Glad you do my friend. It seems people aren't as open about the topic as you are, and I commend you in coming out instead of hiding it.

Back to topic... damn. Those are funky levels.

eXo83660d ago

@ Xbox

Open zone is ---> that way

If you're going to troll, at least come up with something better than that.

jAyy3660d ago

love that map! fun fun =D

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