1UP: Blue Dragon DS Preview

1UP writes: "Last year's Japanese role-playing game for Xbox 360, Blue Dragon, will soon be making the leap to handhelds. But rather than sticking to its Xbox 360 forebear's turn-based formula, DS entry Blue Dragon Plus sheds the traditional Japanese role-playing trappings in favor of a real-time tactical style that completely changes the game's nature.

A number of characters from the Blue Dragon universe make a playable turn in this version, which should please fans of the first game. And we're not just talking original protagonists Shu, Zola, Kluke, Jiro, and Marumaro, either -- 16 characters will be playable in total, and all characters have their own special (albeit simple) tactical abilities. Each unit automatically attacks nearby enemies, and you can use have them use their Shadows -- fantastical magic beasts, for the uninitiated -- to execute special attacks, as well as support items when needed. A green circle or red X over the intended target's head clearly states your attack's efficacy, and depending on the adversary's pose, your Shadow can also trigger a short "Shadow fight" -- scratch the bottom screen rapidly with your stylus to gain the upper hand and deal big damage."

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