Tales of Retail 4: Harm Not the Children writes "There is a side of the gaming industry most care not to acknowledge. After the development, the production, and the shipping, there is the lowly clerk… and the clerk alone must face the mindless hordes of consumers. Chronicled in these volumes will be the voices of those who silently weep from behind the glass showcases. Behold our true torment, and despair, for these are the Tales of Retail.

I believe that harming children is intrinsically wrong, but sometimes, it's so hard to resist. What follows is a tale of a few exemplary specimens of the young, modern breed of gamer that we all love to hate. Read on and try tell me that these kids aren't due for a smack upside the head."

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knamelis3689d ago

give em a smack upside the head!

captain_scurvy3689d ago

ugh. I wish parents would watch what their kids are playing.

Rasky3689d ago

Be sure to check out the other entries of my epic retail adventure.