Gears Designer Going Survival Horror, Multi-platform

Now that Gears of War 2 is in the can and maybe even in your hot little hands, what's next for Epic Games and designer Cliff Bleszinski (nee Dude Huge)? Would you believe survival horror? That's the word from EGM's "Quartermann" who writes in the mag's monthly rumor column that Bleszinski's next will be a "mix the bloody visceral elements of Gears of War with psychological terror."

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name3665d ago

Gears of War+ "survival horror"= Resident Evil 5 sadly. -_-

thewhoopimen3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

Didn't you read what he wrote? It's Gears of Horror ^_^

JsonHenry3664d ago

What is so horror about what the article says? Silent Hill is horror. Resident Evil is survival. Gears of War is shooter.

All it sounds like to me is that he is going to make a GoW type game with zombies or something like it. Which could be fun, don't get me wrong. But from what I read it sounds more like GoW with different monsters.

El_Colombiano3664d ago

God if it is written by the same people who made GeOW's story it will be mediocre. They need to step their story gaming up big time! I understand all they used to really make were Unreal Tournaments, but now they are making their 3rd try at story telling gaming. They need to start doing a better job!

XbotTerminator3665d ago

Hopefuly there are no 15 year old boys in this game

xBot Lemmings3665d ago

I agree although xbots would love that...

JohnnyChimpo3665d ago

If douchebag B can't even string along an in depth story and gripping dialogue in GeOW 1 - 2 then what makes him think he can pull a psychological thriller out of his belt. I'll give him this, he's a good creator, GeOW 2 was decent, not great but decent. But story wise, horrible. Dialogue, even worse. There's no way he can make the story compelling, unless he goes out and hires a new writer for Epic

-Maverick-3665d ago

Nasim you SO DESPERATELY need a real life.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3664d ago

...Shout out 'CliffyB's' name and that will Scare loads of 15 years old boys!!! ;-D

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GiantEnemyCrab3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

Terminator we know you like them at least 16 but stop trolling pedophile.

lloyd_wonder3665d ago

Your bubbles are getting raped...

Legion3665d ago

Don't count on the Multi-platform.

solsub3665d ago

"That's the extent of the details Q-man is willing to give, only noting that the title is "multi-platform"&quo t;

Why shouldn't we count on the multi-platform part? Last I checked, Epic is 3rd party and, as we all know, 3rd party exclusives are becoming a thing of the past.

Sony Rep3665d ago

Don't worry...he's a nobody.

Xbox Street Gang3665d ago

Cliffy B is gayer than canned bread.

My gang only plays Halo 3...

Fishy Fingers3665d ago

I've always found that people who accuse others of being gay are usually trying to hide something. Insecure about something buddy?

DavidMacDougall3664d ago

So how did you find out these people "Where" gay Fishy Fingers?

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