Link becomes Leon in Resident Evil 4 with a mod

Everyone knows that the player controls Leon in Resident Evil 4, but Link can replace him with a new mod that has been created.

Video at the link.

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gaffyh3322d ago

It would have made a lot more sense to write:

"Leon becomes Link in Resident Evil 4 with a mod"

Fox013322d ago (Edited 3322d ago )

If you've played Left4Dead, then you'll know Resident Evil 5 will suck @ss. Basically, Left4Dead is what Resident Evil should have been after the second RE; Scary as hell, 4 player Co-op, emphasis on team, etc. This game is really really good (Left4dead off course); it makes me wanna try other shooters (like Resistance -8 player co-op- and COD: WAW -4 player co-op) and I'm usually not into shooters!

NRG3322d ago

What are you, some sort of troll? Go back to Open Zone.

urban bohemian3322d ago

Windwaker Link would have been funnier. But also that was a wii mod and not a pc mod so well done for whoever made it.

moses3322d ago

Did he put viagra in his hat or something?

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