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If anything, Resistance 2 is the holiday shooter that's bigger, better and more bad-ass. Everything has been upped for the sequel, with a workable 60-person multiplayer option, a ton of fan service for the Resistance enthusiast and a co-op mode that's not only fun as hell, but fleshes out the core story line.

It may be that the novelty of a sci-fi shooter set in the mid-twentieth century has worn off a bit and that the game looks a bit underwhelming in light of the competition, but Kotaku actually recalls enjoying the first a bit more.

Given the depth of Resistance 2's multiplayer and co-op though, those first nine hours spent chugging through the single-player campaign will probably be forgotten in favor of fondly remembering the entire experience.

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crimsonfox3687d ago

...why o why???

have they honestly played gears of war 2 talk about enjoying the first a bit more.

when the graphics were impressive hah!

chaosatom3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )


Kotaku forgot about gears2 for a second there.

The improvements Insomniac have made in the online world in such a shot time is Nothing short of phenomenal.

No game on xbox360 does 8-player co-op or 60 player multiplayer.

sackboy says hi3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

im in the killzone 2 beta and i have to be honest,after i played killzone 2 and played resistance 2 it was like going back wards.Once u play killzone2 u will forget all other FPS including resistance2.The graphics in resistance2 is childs play compared to killzone 2 and the game play in killzone 2 is miles better.Im not bying any other FPS or playing any other FPS including resistance 2 because killzone 2 beta has changed how i look at FPS for ever.The beta will fill my shooting needs till it comes out, im sorry cod5 and resistance 2 but ur both sh1t compared to killzone 2,when u shoot guns in killzone 2 u fill it %100 more than any other FPS.Those of u who got into the beta knows y im saying this....!!! add me if ur in the beta my psn id is jon_abobo.


Sarcasm3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )


I have to say I disagree. While I think Killzone's 2 graphics is phenomenal and seriously unbelieveable on my HDTV. I think Resistance 2 holds it's own against it.

And honestly, they play VERY DIFFERENTLY and have no similarities in gameplay other than being in First person view.

Resistance 2 to me is more of a shoot em up, run around, have fun and kill anything that moves kind of game play.

While Killzone 2 is a little more on the exaggerated realistic side. The guns feel heavier, you have to use more strategy and tactics, your movements is slightly limited to animations etc.

So for my personal preference, Killzone 2 or Resistance 2? I'm glad to say both.

It's too bad, PS3 owners get to choose between Resistance 2 or Killzone 2. While 360 owners have to make the tough decision between Gears 2 and Banjo Kazooie. lol Banjo, what a joke.

OOG3686d ago

when will people like you learn that its not the graphics that make the game its the gameplay............

ever hear of couter strike?????game isnt too pretty anymore but is still one of the best fps games on the market..........

Oner3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

While I do agree with you OOG (for the most part as gameplay is the #1 factor) you have to admit that if they where able to keep CS 1.6's gameplay but drastically improve the graphics it would make the game better.

So while graphics are not the "ultimate" deciding factor it definitely does come into play at times, just like it would with car racing games with being able to gauge your entry & exit points better etc. Another good example would be 007 Golden Eye with todays standard in GFX applied.

So in effect graphics very much so have an impact on gameplay though not in the way most describe/complain about.

TOO PAWNED3686d ago

Sack boy hi"
I am not buying your argument, i am also in beta of KZ2 and lets say it is true what you say, that still sounds retarded to me that you are going to stop yourself from playing awesome R2, when there is still 3 months in between release dates of these two games.
Besides if you are Sony fanboy, than support Sony and buy also R2.

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nirun3687d ago

all these reviews about one hit kills

omfg it doesn't have a cover system!
I guess i'll just stand out in the open and hope they don't hit me


i've been gheyed once by the cloaked things, after that it's not too hard to notice the roars before they attack

titans? ha i laugh at those things. ducking behind a ledge usually works, there's plenty of cover.

I get the feeling from a lot of these reviews that they're just trying to nit pick at r2 and not give it the acclaim it deserves. a lot of high scores, but shady reviews about minor graphical glitches and spotty textures. I personally have only noticed one poor texture used for the birds eye view of the country fields (a few checkpoints before the spider boss)and some clipping of a grim trying to walk through one of those weird pods in the dark tunnel part.

the frame rate in this game is ROCK SOLID, and it looks GORGEOUS on my 32" XBR6.

my only beef is the lack of a brightness slider. Some of the levels are just too dark.

many of my friends haven't even played more than an hour of single player, they're all hooked on co-op :O

Sarcasm3686d ago

"Some of the levels are just too dark. "

I think they did it intentionally to make you NEED to use the flashlight. It's a shame really, because R2 has amazing textures and detail everywhere that gets hidden in those shadows. So I agree, a brightness slider would have been good.

Ju3686d ago

I was first hyped, then more so-so, and almost thought I liked R1 better until I actually realized what massive game this is.

So that said, if you just spend the normal time in that game and want to give an opinion, it might be underwhelming. However, R2 takes off IMO where other games end.

Did any review ever mention that the R2 campaign has an Arcade mode ? Well, you need to finish it first to unlock it. But ever tried to finish that game in hard-arcade mode? Good luck, you got 3 lives.

Or, some criticized the visuals. Guess what - and I don't know why they did that - but improvements get unlocked after the first run thru (depth of field (1-3 levels) or motion blur (1-3 levels)).

I think the match making is, hm, a bit simplistically. I miss some filters (sorting is not the same). Like, do not show me full games, no 60 players, and only ranked.

But after getting into online, its addicting. You get 2 full online games in one! Definitively! Cooperative and Competitive are just two different things. CoOp is awesome and can't be compared to the normal competitive modes. Both are great as soon as you get to know the game.

No, that game was so worth it, I'd say.

Ap3theBad3686d ago

why do some peeps complain about single player??

i NEVER play single player campeigns in FPS online games.. but this was my second one (my first being killzone 1) and the story was [email protected] in so many ways,the depth was great for this type of FPS genre sci-fi-setting,i mean wut do you want from this?? a love story?? more characters that wouldnt make sense since almost all mankind is eliminated?? or how about some depressing music to go along with the chaos and shootout bloody guts'n'gore porring everywere?
seriously,this isnt an RPG [email protected] no other sci-fi FPS (or FPS in general) has this kind a depth to it......

oh and one HUGE thing people have to relize (especially the game sites that review it)..... is that resistance 1 and resistance 2 ar not COMPLETELY different stories... its all ONE STORY,so saying that resistance 2 story sucks and resistance 1 story is awsome or mediocre is dumb since its all one story just seperated into 2 parts,witch is FANTASTIC so it could leave room for our preciouse jem Resistance 2.
imagine if they told the whole story in resistance 1?? we wouldnt have R2 or anything to follow that same plot.

and for me personally,i played thru the single player story mode twice allready and havnt found ANY issues with textures,pixels or glitches of any kind,but thats on my side,so i guess different peeps experience different things.

oh,and i lOVED the boss battles and cant wait to try on Super Human mode (the hardest mode).

and for the sites and reviewers complaining about the diffaculty need to stop,seriousl man,do you need for someone to take you by the hand the whole way so you can give the game a better rating or something?? play it on easy mode,and if your having a hard time on that then you just plain out suck @ss at the game lol.

Ju3686d ago

Totally agree. I still can't grasp the scope of that spaceship in the later levels which simply does not want to end. And all that without a loading screen. Yeah, not enough RAM, sure thing. NOT.

ZombieNinjaPanda3686d ago

itself is amazing.

Insomniac have improved vastly over the last game.

Scope and detail put into things is huge. All the guns feel real.

I gotta say, the single player campaign is amazing. I've been addicted to it for a couple days, and yes the AI is brutal.

Some of the hardest AI i've ever played against, constantly rushing/flushing you out from behind cover. Makes you rethink all your tactics.

DiabloRising3686d ago

THIS is how you review a game. Likes/Dislikes. Pros/Cons. None of this arbitrary scoring bull crap. I commend Kotaku for keeping with this review system, its something ACTUAL GAMERS can relate to, and something FANBOYS will never understand.

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