Sonic Unleashed Wii trailer

A new trailer of Sonic Unleashed on Wii has been released.

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kesvalk3660d ago

i really hope that the werehog parts don't destroy the game...

the normal sonic part appears to be awesome...

ChickeyCantor3660d ago

Looking at the video, i understand it becomes more of traditional platform when you are the werehog...SO it gives me a bit of hope.
It's basically 2 kinds of platforming in one then?

Legend20x3659d ago

IM not gonna lie im a sonic fan, however im also a gaming fan i i realize that sonic games have been absolutely horrible the last 10 years with few exceptions.

However, sonic unleash looks promising, or should i say, Half of SONIC unleashed looks promising. Werehog seems to be OK, but its like if i wnt to a part and someone brought out a steak (Sonic Levels) and then decided to throw in rotten coleslaw on the side (werehog possibly but i hope not), if you've already got a good meal why add something it doesn't need. just give me more STEAK!


chanmasta3659d ago

... very good, and graphics arn't that bad.