IGN: PlayStation 3 Buyer's Guide

IGN writes: "The holiday season is fast approaching and with it one of the most profitable periods of the year for gaming. While the holidays are always good for gaming software, it is also a time of significant hardware sales. Sales for all major systems-PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii-are expected to continue to boom. But with new systems come a necessity for the proper accessories. Fortunately, IGN Gear is compiling all of the latest and greatest accessories for each system in our weekly buyer's guide series. Last week we covered Wii accessories, and next week we will be conquering all of the necessary Xbox 360 add-ons, but this week we are centering our focus on the PlayStation 3."

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CrippleH3629d ago

I like that look from the controller dock/charger.
Very sleek.

Aclay3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

I remember I bought that SCEA Blu-ray Remote like 2 months after I bought my PS3 at launch. I like it so much because it has the eject button on the Remote and I can eject a disc in my PS3 with a touch of a button and it's just so convenient.

That GT Racing Wheel looks sweet, but I don't know about the $299 price.... I just realized something, that racing wheel costs the same as the 60GB Xbox 360, LOL. Anyways, Whenever the PS3 hits $299 next year, this racing wheel should be at least $150-$175 and I'll probably pick it up then to have it when GT5 drops next year.